T-pisode 177: Crazy Ass Discipline

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This is how me and the homeless guy look every morning in the Boston Commons getting our karate shit on.
This is how me and the homeless guy look every morning in the Boston Commons getting our karate shit on.

Ol’ T is one disciplined son of a bitch. I really am. Everyone that knows me in my personal life knows that I am capable of doing some crazy shit just to test myself. I have been told that I can be pretty intense. Almost insane with the shit that I do just because I choose to. Well in my life I think I need to have a lot of discipline. I mean lets face it, I tend to get into shit sometimes and if I don’t stay the course I will end up dead or in jail. Well not so much these days but in my earlier days if I didn’t have this disciplined nature I wouldn’t be here putting T-blawg and all it’s awesomeness out into the damn world. That is a fact. I have an extreme personality. Not like jumping out of airplanes without a parachute like the great Johnny Utah extreme but in the extreme way that if I didn’t have a lot of control I would jump across a table and knock a dude the fuck out. Oh wait. I did that. More than once. Shit.

I need structure in my life is what I’m saying. And with that comes routine. The gym, work, diet, writing, dating…pretty much everything in my life has structure. Which is pretty crazy because I’m still the type that can just up and do something nuts without thinking. I am routinely spontaneous I guess? Wait, what? Look, I’m the type who keeps a clean desk at the office. A shiny car. Packs his meals for the work week. That’s the small stuff that takes discipline in my eyes. Then I will totally do something like train for a Spartan Race for 4 months. Give up alcohol for 50 days. Then totally book a trip to Paris with a young chick without thinking the very next day. That’s how I roll. The latter happens because I stop thinking. Go off the routine. I throw discipline out the window and end up at the club with a young slampig and a hangover that lasts 3 fucking days! I need discipline is what I’m saying. I also tend to like people who have discipline. Who have structure. Who are organized but can still totally do something and surprise the shit out of me. I love people like that. Especially women like that. Have your “To Do” list honey as long as I’m on that “To Do” list as well. ZING! Did you over notice that disciplined people are always just a bit more successful? A bit more healthier? Walk around without bags under their eyes? Smile a bit wider? And more often? It’s not because they know something that you don’t. It’s because they are willing to commit to make their lives better by having discipline. Focus. Goals. Without this, your life will be in chaos. A chaotic life is not a successful life in my opinion. And this is still T-blawg so that is all that matters in this house.

I get my balls busted when I say I have to get up in the morning for a dirty boxing session. I get shit when I say I gave up booze and drink water at the Bruins game. I get crazy looks from people at work when I tell them that I spent my Sunday morning jumping over homeless people in the Back Bay Fens as part of my Tough Mudder training. I get laughed at when I say I’m staying in on a Saturday night because I have to get 8 pages done on a script with an imaginary deadline I placed on myself. Are you getting the picture that I’m painting yet? This is discipline. This is what I do. It can be a real pain in the ass at times but you know what? The things that are a pain in the ass today are the same things that will make you smile tomorrow. Because I’m living proof of that. Like I said, ol’ T is one disciplined son of a bitch. But I’m also that guy that’s always smiling. Now get the fuck off that couch. Get the hell out of bed. And go do something! Make it your routine. Embrace discipline. Thank me later.


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