T-pisode 181: Making Time For Friends. Really?

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This magnet was given to me by someone very close. She knows I dig magnets and put them on my fridge. Close friends & family know weird shit like that about you. Just saying.
This magnet was given to me by someone very close. She knows I dig magnets and put them on my fridge. Close friends & family know weird shit like this about you. Just saying.

I’m at the point in my life where my time has never been more valuable. I mean fucking seriously. My age, my career, my writing, my dating, my travelling, even my workouts fill up about 18 hours of my day. Every damn day. And if you think I have more time to play and act the fool on the weekend, then you don’t know T. Because my weekends are twice as busy. But hey, that’s on me right? This is the life I choose to live. And I love it. I really do. But no matter how busy I am, no matter what I’m doing, I always make time for the people I care about. I will always make time for family and friends. ALWAYS. You let T know about some shit you have going on at least a few weeks out? My silly ass will be there. With silly ass bells on too. You need a heart to heart with T? I’m on my way right now. You need T to make you laugh? Hey, I can make people laugh. Get ready to laugh fucker! You call me up and say “T, it’s about to go down brother.” I’m there and whipping ass without asking questions so fast. But that’s just me. Some friends & family though? They’re not me.

Like I said, I’m busy. And so aren’t all my friends who are married. Who have kids. Who have awesome careers. I get it! We’re all busy! No shit. I ain’t mad at ya. But where you at???? You don’t see me? I don’t see YOU! In this day and age when we all can contact each other a thousand different ways why is it so difficult to just hang out and catch up with a friend? Or a family member? But it really is difficult. I think some people figure that even though they are busy that seeing a Facebook update and “liking” it counts as “staying in touch” with someone. Or replying to an offensive text I sent them with an “LOLz” is considered as “I just talked to T.” Nope. Wrong. You lose! Good day sir! That’s not staying in touch stupid. Staying in touch is staying in touch! Come onnnnn. You know better than that. I’ll make some attempts to see a pal. To see a relative. Shit I’ll even pay for the night out. Drinks. Dinner. Tickets to the game. But if after a few attempts and you don’t take me up on the offer, then I have to question the relationship. I have to question the effort. Then eventually I will stop trying. Because my time is precious and maybe we’re not as tight as we used to be. Maybe at some point, without either of us realizing it, we grew apart. I changed. You changed. Whatever. We changed. Maybe we are no longer friends. Maybe we’re just acquaintances now. Hey, it happens. It sucks. But it happens. And why? Because neither of us could fit each other on our iPhone calendars. The fuck?

Look, life brings change. That’s a given. But I still have friends and family members who know everything that is going on in my life and I see them when I want. They see me when they want. They don’t consider being my Facebook friend or reading T-blawg or sending me a text as staying in touch. Nope. Because they actually see me. And it’s easy. With some people it’s just easy. But when it becomes difficult to see a friend, to make plans with them? What do you do after trying for some time? You wish them nothing but the best in life and hope things come back around one day and you’re close with them once again. It’s not intentional. There’s no ill will or bad intentions. It just happens. And one day maybe that person will become a part of your life again and maybe you become a part of theirs again too. Or maybe, you both just move on in life and have all those awesome fucking memories. It is what it is and it was what it was. Either find the time or be left with the memories. And that’s the circle of life Simba.


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