T-pisode 180: Back To School

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He ain't got nothing on College T! Nothing!!!
He ain’t got nothing on College T! Nothing!!!

I recently went back to my college. Yep. I haven’t been back to my college campus in a very long time. My day job required me to go back so I did. I went to college in Boston but didn’t live at college. I commuted because I had to help out at home. If I had to do it all again I probably would’ve found a way to live on campus while still helping my mother out at home. Even though I didn’t live at school I made some long lasting friendships that I value today more than ever before. These people have been my main link to my old college life. To the years where crazy T became college T then graduated into Corporate America T. College was a huge transition time in my life. It was a time where I finally smartened up and found direction and purpose and gave up the anger and the crazy that defined me for so many years. That’s crazy writing that now. But it’s true. And I only just realized this the day I spent on campus a couple of weeks ago.

My college campus had changed a lot since the time I went there. Boston itself has changed so much. I walked around looking at all the buildings I had classes in. The gym I worked out in. The student center where us commuters used to hang out. The places I worked at on campus. The dorms and off campus housing I went to for parties. The late nights I spent in computer labs because I couldn’t afford a computer. The train stations and same trains that I used to take every single day to and from campus. The places I used to eat. A lot of that was still there. But there were a lot of new buildings. New designs. New colors. New faces. New kids. These kids looked smarter than I remembered. They looked a shit ton younger too. They seemed richer. But then again, I didn’t have much when I was in college. The place looked brighter. Shinier. A lot was different. But all of this hit me so hard and triggered a lot of memories. I remembered first meeting some of my closest friends. When I changed majors. When I walked into class for the first time with my face stitched up from a fight I got into the day before. Scaring my new classmates and professors. I remembered the time my cousin got into the same college and all the crazy shit we did. When he met his wife. When we would crash at her place from partying harder than anyone else around because we were animals. The time we brought our Eastie buddies on campus and punked an entire frat house full of douchebags. All the time spent in the new gym they had just finished building which was now the old gym. So many memories. A lot of them were kind of blurry. Which made me a little sad. Because it made me feel that college went by so quickly. Plus I was so damn crazy and angry back then that I didn’t think I truly embraced the college experience. And I was always working like 3 damn jobs! But then I took a step back. As I walked around in my suit. As a grown, successful man so many years later. I realized that if my college experience didn’t happen the way it did then maybe I wouldn’t be here today. That I wouldn’t be this man.

Going back to college for ol’ T was quite the experience. It was humbling. It made me appreciate who I was back then. Because I’m still surprised that 18 to 22 year old kid didn’t die during that time. That angry, crazy son of a bitch turned into something after all. He put himself through college. On his earned scholarships. On his own dime. And became the man he is today. Far from perfect sure. But at least he didn’t quit or die. Yet. I’m kidding. Not really. Go back to your college and see what happens for you. T recommends it.


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