T-pisode 196: Uncle T The Sequel

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Uncle Jesse wrote the "Cool Uncle" blueprint. I've been following it and changing it since 1999. I got this John Stamos.
Uncle Jesse wrote the “Cool Uncle” blueprint. I’ve been following it and changing it since 1999. I got this John Stamos.

I did this “Uncle T” T-pisode exactly two years ago and thought it would be a good time to follow up with another one about the joys & perks of being an uncle. Because these kids are growing up so damn fast. I was once Superman to them and now I’m more like Batman with most of them acting as my little Robins. And I’m ok with that. Overall I’m “Uncle” to all of them. Even “Godfather” to a few of them. Each of them look at me as that cool uncle who is capable of anything. And with that perception of me, I also play a different role in each of their lives in addition to being an uncle. Let me explain.

The Oldest One
The oldest is my first niece and my first god-daughter. This kid inherited my “smart & ambition” genes. And thank you Baby Jesus because I was starting to think I was adopted with me being the only smart one in the family! That little girl is a teenager now. And I still can’t believe it. To her I’m now someone she can talk to about her education and life endeavors. She is a lot like me when I was that age and I’m glad I can help guide her with that aspect of her life while still being able to get silly and watch a movie or play UNO. We’ll always have Harry Potter kid.

The Ambitious One
This little girl is also my god-daughter and since she could carry a book and walk it over to me so I could read it to her, I could tell she was full of wonder. She could carry a conversation with me at the age of two! And now she teaches and beats me in games of chess. Her vocabulary grows every time I see her, yet she can still giggle with Uncle when I make a fart joke. I like that she can come to Uncle with anything even when she knows she doesn’t need the help. When watching Jeopardy she once answered “What is T-blawg?” when Alex Trebek asked “This website is where Christians go to meet” under the Popular Websites category. How friggin’ awesome is that?!

The Storytelling One
This silly little girl can tell a story with the best of them. She is definitely her father’s daughter and she is definitely her Uncle T’s niece. She can sit there with me for hours and take a simple school story and turn it into The Godfather! When she does something she isn’t supposed to she simply says “Uncle T said I could do it.” If I’m ever on trial, I’m not sure if she’ll be the best or worst part of my defense. She’ll either be a stand up comedienne or a great writer one day and I’ll do my best to help her achieve either or both.

The Happy One
This niece is always smiling. No matter what. She is laid back. Chill. Never complains and just goes with the flow. Her outlook on life is something that I hope she still has when she reaches adulthood because she makes other people around her smile and that is a gift. She stays up late with me when the kids sleep over and laughs all night. I actually learn from her now when I need to be less stressed and just smile. Her smile makes me smile. I just want to make sure she keeps that gift and shares it with others like I know she will.

The Fresh One
I call my nephew “Mini-Me” because my god-son is the next generation of T. He is all piss and vinegar just like I was when I was a kid. He is fresh like me but without the potty mouth. But he is so damn cute when he is being fresh that we all just let him get away with it. This bad boy charm is going to be killer on the chicks when he gets older. I speak from experience. My role as his uncle is to show him that you don’t have to be fresh all the time but when you are just make sure no one gets hurt and to have fun doing it! Just kidding. Not really.

The Youngest One
I had a lifetime to influence my youngest nephew’s father. His dad is my cousin, best friend & brother so it is awesome watching this little version of him all over again. Like his dad, he is one big ball of energy and motivation. I recently spent the entire day with this little man and he tired my ass out. We played inside, outside, with games, with toys, with the dog, with the TV, with stickers, with clothes, we ate together, we pooped together, we laughed together! And he just kept going. He is three years old but you can already tell he has the makings to do anything he wants and be good at it. Just like his old man. I’m going to enjoy the ride as he gets older and remind him constantly that he is capable of anything while sharing “You know what me and your dad did when we were your age?” stories for the rest of his life.


So that is the role I now play in each of their lives. I’m more than “Uncle” and I’m proud that they see me and love me that way. All six of those kids are my heart and I’m honored to be a part of their lives. They get a side of T that I don’t share with anyone else. Hopefully I’ll get to show that side to my own kids one day while my nieces & nephews say to them “Your dad is the best uncle ever.” Then they will all get to take turns babysitting my kids and I don’t have to pay them shit because I bestowed so much life knowledge on them and that is payment enough!


Until next time. Always take it there.