T-pisode 202: Life’s Little Things

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Actual deck of UNO cards I have been victorious over my nieces with for the last 11 years. I show NO mercy.
Actual deck of UNO cards I have been victorious over my nieces with for the last 11 years. I show NO mercy.

In a world full of workouts, obstacle race training, dirty boxing, a full time day job, writing, reading, dating (it is a job at times), travelling, going to sports games and the mundane everyday errands, one can truly fill up their day. Their week. Their month. Shit, even their year. And I’m only talking from a single guy’s perspective. As usual. The married and family types have to deal with their own jam packed schedules as well. I know. I feel ya. But during all of this though, you have to take the time to breathe. Even if you have to make time for it. And for me that comes with the little things. The little joys. The stuff that fills the cracks of life man. The things that put a smile on my face when I need it. When I don’t expect it. When I’m so busy and I feel like I’m missing out on life while actually living my life. If that makes sense. You have to enjoy the little things people.

My little things run the gamut. Just walking the streets of Boston instead of driving so I can take in my entire city. Bringing my nieces and nephew to the Museum of Science and trying to see who can find the queen bee in the glass case first to win bragging rights until our next Wolfpack visit. Sitting around with my cousin and his wife after the kids go to sleep, drinking wine or Patron and reminiscing about how far we’ve come in life until the wee late night hours. Or just plain catching up on everyday life and laughing. Especially when it comes to my latest dating mistakes and crazy ass adventures. A tasty, hot roast beef sandwich dripping in sauce from a childhood roast beef joint makes my belly very happy. Getting a text from that special woman and just seeing her name pop up on my phone is a little thing but it makes me smile big time. I should tell her that. Sitting around with a group of friends at a restaurant eating, sharing and ordering more food & wine like there’s no tomorrow because to us there isn’t, because we lost track of time six plates & four bottles of wine ago. Sitting in my sister’s backyard in the Summer and randomly doing a “Tony Montana Scarface” impression just to piss off my mother and make her laugh at the same time. When a friend randomly sends me a T-blawg Pose pic just because. When someone asks me my opinion on the latest movie because they think I know something about movies. A Red Sox walk off win. A Tom Brady last minute scoring drive in the fourth quarter. Hearing an old Eastie friend call me “T-Dog.” Smiling at a random beautiful woman and getting that smile back. The first snowfall in Winter and the way it lights up all of Boston. Telling a story that takes a turn for the worse and seeing the shocked reactions on faces I’ve known for years and they still love me for it. When my nieces make me play UNO before I leave to go home during every holiday because it’s “our” tradition. Sunday football texts with my buddies that we send at the same time because we’re so pumped up about the same play we just saw on different TVs. Not having to shave on the weekend. Those are a few of my favorite little things that cause me big smiles.

There are so many things we do on a given day. Things we have to do. Things we don’t want to do. Work. Gym. Errands. Bills. Stress. Pain. Craziness. It’s called living. Sometimes it becomes routine, habit, just trying to make a dollar outta fifteen cent! But if you don’t appreciate those special little things that somehow sneak into your life, then what’s the point of it all? I know that I live a busy, hectic, one-man show. But I love my life. I love everything about it and everyone that chooses to stay in it. I have my own little things because of that life. You have yours too. I’m sure of it. Figure out what they are. Find them. Appreciate them. Do more of them. Always make time for the little things people. You have to. Thank T later.


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