T-pisode 203: T Saw Jay-Z In Fenway Park

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Throwing up the Roc with Jay-Z in Fenway Park. Fucking epic moment for me right there people.
Throwing up the Roc with Jay-Z in Fenway Park. Fucking epic moment for me right there people.

This past Summer I finally got to do something that I said to myself for years I would do if the opportunity ever presented itself. I always said to myself “T, if Jay-Z performs in Fenway Park. In your city. In your own backyard. Your ass is going!” So when I first found out that Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake had announced that Fenway Park in Boston would be a part of their tour, I was in. Without hesitating. I have connections. I can get tickets to anything. I can. But sometimes it takes negotiating and bartering and time and I didn’t want to deal with it for this concert. This was the big one and I wanted my tickets immediately! So, like an idiot, I went online when the tickets first went on sale but because I’m super important and super busy, I had to go to a meeting and missed getting the tickets at face value. Aaaand I ended up paying an arm & a leg for two tickets through a third-party ticket broker. Hey, no fucks were given from me. I had my tickets like 4 months before the concert and I was good! Or so I thought.

Between the time I bought the tickets and the actual concert itself, my dating life was a shitstorm. A revolving door of low potential women. And I didn’t want to take just any chick to this concert. Why even take a date then T? You ask. Why not just go with a bro? You ask. Because of Justin Fucking Timberlake!!! No way I was bringing a dude with that guy singing his romantical love and dancy songs!!! Chicks love JT! So I had to take a chick!!! This was the argument I had with people the entire time. Believe it or not I did ask a bro or two after running dry on high quality lady date options. To which they responded with “I’m not going to see Justin Timberlake with you T. Are you crazy?” None of them mentioned Jay-Z. They can only see Justin and all his gyrating moves I guess. Look, I went to the Jay-Z & Kanye West concert with my cousin last year. That was cool. That concert was for bros. This concert was half tailored towards chicks because of JT. And it turned out that there were a ton of hot chicks dressed like they were at the damn club at Fenway that night that any of my bros and I would’ve enjoyed had I gone with another bro. Which I should’ve done when I look back to that night. But I didn’t. I started to consider hot, single chick friends who were cool and I would have a good time with. There was one in particular at the time I really wanted to go with me but she had another commitment that night. Which was probably for the best because I really dig the shit out of her and I probably would’ve crossed some lines. Which my dumb ass tends to do on the occasion. So I ended up taking another chick. Which I probably should not have. I’m not going to get into the flat tire that I got, how I was left alone on the side of the road for dead and all the money I dropped on this non-date date with her. It was what it was. The concert itself however? FUCKING AWESOME!!!

My love for Jay-Z is well documented on this site. You’ve seen how many times I’ve thrown up his videos and quoted him. My bro love for him goes back to 1996 when my cousin and I bought a half-finished “Reasonable Doubt” out of Damon Dash’s Cadillac in old school New York City Times Square. I’ve grown up and evolved in life with Jay-Z’s music as my soundtrack. The dude defines hustling. He is THE rags to riches story. And he is the greatest rapper of all time. With no disrespect to Big or Pac. He and Justin put on one hell of a show in Fenway Park that night! They did songs on their own, together and mashed up their classics so flawlessly. It was one of the greatest nights of my grown up life. And then I got to hear it all again for free with my windows open the next night because I live next to Fenway Park. Seeing Jay-Z in Fenway Park was checked off my bucket list people and that’s all that matters to me. The moment itself is the memory that I’ll keep for life from that epic event.


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