T-pisode 204: She’s Better Than That, He’s Not

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There aren't enough Ice Cube "Today Was A Good Day" memes in my opinion
There aren’t enough Ice Cube “Today Was A Good Day” memes in my opinion

I’m going to use this T-pisode to discuss something that has bothered decent guys for years. Centuries even! I’m going to jump right the fuck into this one T style of course. And here it is. Every so often a guy ends up knowing a woman so awesome, so amazing, so beautiful, so sexy, so funny, so intelligent, so interesting, so everything…but just SO stupid. “But T, you just said she was intelligent.” Shut up. I’m going somewhere with this. She is stupid because for some reason she is dating a real piece of fucking shit douchebag. She loses all her amazing superpowers when it comes to this guy. Everyone knows he is a piece of shit. She even does too. Yet, she keeps going back to him. Over and over and over again. All of her friends and family don’t know why. And you as the “decent” guy in this situation don’t know why. But there she goes. She’s back with him again. Why though? Why?

Every guy knew this girl in high school. In college. Even as grown ups out in about in this world we know her now. We see it way too often and it’s awful. It’s like watching a car crash over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you’re her casual friend. Or you’re the guy stuck deep in her friend zone. Or you’re her coworker. Or her ex. You know that she is amazing. You don’t want to see her hurt. Cry. Sad. Upset. As a total mess. It sucks dude. You give her all the advice you can. Just like everybody else in her life. We all tell her “He’s no good.” But she gives you the “You don’t understand. You don’t know him like I do. You don’t ‘get’ our relationship. He’s going to change. It’s going to be different this time.” And you’re like “What…the…fuuuuck is wrong with you?” in your head because no matter what you say or do, she just won’t listen. Look, I used to buy into the “you gotta get into her head before you get in her bed” playa system in my earlier days. But I was young. Stupid. Just looking to hook up. That part of being a guy I don’t like as a grown man looking back. I don’t respect. But I get it. We do stupid shit like that to get laid when we’re young. But grown men don’t do that. Boyfriends don’t. Married men don’t. When you find a great woman you do everything you can to keep her. To make her smile. Make her happy. All the fucking games stop. And you NEVER intentionally fucking hurt her. Mentally. Emotionally. And especially not physically. NEVER PHYSICALLY. So some of us “decent” guys (I’m almost decent. I’m getting there.) know what all you pieces of shit are doing even though she can’t see it. We see how you are messing with her head. We know that you know exactly how to pull her heartstrings. We know that bullshit you are saying to her to make her think you are different now. That you’re going to change. That you are going to be a better man this time. We see all that even if SHE doesn’t. And you are a motherfucker for doing that to her. For doing that to all those good ones. Because there are so few good ones left out there. And I hate you for it. SHE is the only reason guys like me don’t kill guys like you. Because she would end up hating us instead of you for hurting you. You have that much fucked up power over her and you abuse it. You abuse her.

Look. I’m not good with relationships. I’m working on it. I really am. I make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. But I do know that a healthy relationship isn’t about who has more power. Who has the control. Who has the upper hand. Who can make the other person in the relationship feel so bad about themselves to the point where the other one with the power has tricked them into thinking he is the only one for her. The only one who cares about her. Loves her. That isn’t right. It’s SO not right. Ladies, please read this. Please wake up and stop going back. This is what he is doing. This is what HE really is. He’s been exposed today. And fellas, don’t be like this. Ever. Don’t be that fucking guy. You’re better than that. Real men don’t do this to women. Because if you are and one of us “decent” guys see it, know about it? Eventually we’re going to stop biting our tongues. We will stop holding our clenched fists to our sides for HER. And we’re going to come for you. And we…I, will hurt you way more than you ever fucking hurt her. Trust me on this one. This needs to stop now.


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