T-pisode 209: My Mission Statement

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If this was Year 1 of T-blawg then this would be more along the lines of my mission statement. But it's Year 5 and it's just different now.
If this was Year 1 of T-blawg then this would be more along the lines of my mission statement. But it’s Year 5 and it’s just different now.

As part of whom I am now and the direction I plan on taking T-blawg I felt that I needed to make a sort of T/T-blawg mission statement as a preface to what will be written and shared on this site going forward. I’m taking everything I’ve learned from all my years on this planet and from all the years I’ve shared my entire life on this site and listing out where I feel…where I know I need to head in life. All of my past experiences, failures & accomplishments have brought me to this. Everything I have learned has brought me to this point. And I’ve learned a lot.



-I promise to never date any woman ever again just for the sake of going on a date regardless of my physical attraction to her. She has to have more to offer me because I have a lot to offer her. If she’s worth it.

-I promise to do everything I can to sell a script, turn T-blawg into a book and make my full time career in entertainment writing or die trying.

-I promise to continue to explore the world and learn everything I can about every country, people & culture out there on this giant, beautiful planet.

-I promise to let each and every person in my life know how much they mean to me, what they mean to me, why I let them in and why I’m so glad they chose to stay.

-I promise to stop judging myself for all my past sins because I have officially made amends for each and every single one of them.

-I promise to NOT let anyone into my life who only brings drama, chaos and negativity with them even if I’ve known them for a lifetime. Even if we have the same blood.

-I promise to continue to push my body to its physical and mental limits whether it is through an obstacle race, a fighting discipline or any new undiscovered challenge.

-I promise to be kinder, more considerate and open minded to others even if they are complete strangers. Even if they don’t show me the same.

-I promise to spoil myself more because I work very hard and I know that I’m only on this Earth for a limited time just like everyone else.

-I promise to forgive every single person who did me wrong in life even if they don’t want it, even if they don’t deserve it. My inner peace means more to me than hating you.

-I promise myself to smile more. Just because I want to.

-I promise myself that I am going to be happy whether or not one day I have a wife and children of my own or if I have to keep keeping on as the single man I am today. But as of right now, I am going to change the type of women I date and fall for, because it’s just not working out for me anymore.


That’s my mission statement. I recommend that you write one for yourself. But for me? This is where I’m going in life. This is the T you will now know going forward. T style of course ;). Get ready. It’s Year 5 people.


Until next time. Always take it there.