T-pisode 230: Blind Date 2…The End of Dating?

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This is an underrated comedy classic. Kind of like T-blawg.
This is an underrated comedy classic. Kind of like T-blawg.

I went on my first “cold” blind date ever two years ago. Then I wrote this about it. Not too long ago, I went on another blind date. This time I tried to make some adjustments. This time I wasn’t going in cold. I wanted information. I wanted a lot of information. Bottom line? I done come up a lot in the world since my last blind date. I’m as busy as ever and I won’t sugarcoat it, I am now one hell of a catch. I know what I bring to the table so it was only fair that I knew what she was bringing to the table. There would be no burrito farts, crazy dead doll tattoos or pulling teeth conversations this time. Oh no. Who was this woman and why should I date her? That’s what I needed to know. The source of this blind date came from my closest people. Two people who know me best. They brought us together through text. So we started texting and talking. And I’m not going to lie; this woman seemed pretty good on paper.

She was a school teacher. Had a great upbringing. Intelligent. Into fitness. Great sense of humor. Family oriented. Same age as me. And also like me, she was on that cusp of wanting to settle down if the right person could be found. Sounds great right? Here’s what else that was going on in my life at that time. I’m kind of jumping around in the T-blawg timeline here people. During this time it was the holidays. I was extra busy. I had just come back from Italy. I was on this romantic hunger kick. It was Patriots season and my season tickets kept me extra, extra busy. Especially on Sundays. And then there was HER. I was just starting to reconnect with the woman who would later prompt this change in my opinion about Valentine’s Day. The odds were stacked against this blind date. But I went on the date. And she was….nice. Plain. No sparks. No chemistry. The greatest team put together on paper but couldn’t play well on the field. THAT was what happened. I couldn’t explain to people why I didn’t want to go out with her again. Why I knew it wouldn’t work out. What I was feeling after Italy. What I was feeling about the other woman starting to come back into my life. I had changed. I didn’t want to date this girl from the blind date. It wasn’t her, it was me. Yep, THAT. My life had changed. I had changed. I had grown up. I wanted something different. I didn’t want her. I knew what I wanted. And just like that, a lifetime of dating ended for me.

Now you may be thinking that was an extreme statement considering everything you know about my dating experiences. The good, the bad, the crazy and the ugly. There is no way T could be done with dating, right? Almost 5 years of this site you can argue most of what I’ve written about was dating. Yes, I wasn’t sure I was done with dating at that exact moment sitting across from this girl in a popular Boston restaurant. Which I had done a million times before. I was only sure that I was done soon after that when SHE agreed to go on a date with me again almost 3 years later after we last dated. That’s when I finally stopped looking at it all as dating and that’s when things would change and I just became happy. More happy than I usually was. I had to go on that blind date. That last date. To get back to HER. That’s what a lifetime of dating taught me. THAT blind date looks like…hopefully….was the last “date” date for me. The last meaningless date. The last of my dating so many women. The last search date. And I couldn’t be happier people.



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