T-pisode 232: Second Time Around

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T cannot cosign this enough
T cannot cosign this enough

The second chance is a fickle creature my friends. Especially when you’re someone like me who is a firm believer in one & done; go big or go home; all or nothing; if it was going to happen it would’ve; fool me once, shame on me… All of those sayings pretty much mean to me “you have one shot” at something. One chance to get it right. If you don’t get it “right” the first time then you move on and never look back. I applied that outlook to almost every aspect of my life. But I applied it the most to dating. Yep. Ol’ T over here would try to get it right with a woman one time and one time only and if it didn’t happen then I would just move on. Until I met HER.

I don’t have many female friends. The majority of my female friends are still for the most part just my “Bullpen” ladies. Lady friends from college, cousins and old co-workers. The reason for that is one, the majority of my dating experiences either did not end well or I had no reason to continue a friendship with any of them. And two, I’m a busy man who keeps a small circle so I never really try to let new people into my life in general let alone any of the female persuasion. So when I dated HER three years ago I never expected to be where we are today. We dated briefly then and quite honestly I was still a single guy who wanted to continue to be single and she deserved and wanted more than that. And neither of us were really “relationship” people to begin with. But we stopped dating on kind of good terms and kind of remained friends. We stayed in touch but rarely saw each other. For almost 3 years we stayed in touch and still flirted, still made each other smile and still obviously cared about each other. Just not a lot, but definitely not a little. If that makes sense. Over the course of those 3 years I changed and grew in so many ways. She did too in her own way. A person can really live a lot and learn about oneself over the course of 3 years. Whether you are changing by choice or if life somehow finds ways to change you, which it tends to do sometimes. Change can be for the better and it can bring you exactly where you need to be. Where you should be. And who you should be with. That’s what happened for me.

We ended up at the same Boston hotspot this past Summer. Almost kind of like how we first met. When I saw HER again I couldn’t believe how I had forgotten how beautiful she was in person. THAT smile. She’s one of those women who is beautiful both inside and out without even realizing it or acting like she knows it. That trait about HER is so hard to find in a woman these days. We live in an era of selfies and shallow social media now people. Wanting constant attention from people we know and more from people we don’t know. There was another girl that I was supposed to meet up with at that bar that night but once I was with HER the other girl didn’t even matter. That other girl didn’t even stand a chance. I nicely blew that girl off and spent the night talking to HER. And for the next 6 months I did everything possible to charm, flirt and woo my way back into HER life until she finally agreed to go out on a date with me. That’s when I got my second chance with HER. And this time it’s going to be different. It already is. And if you ever get THAT second chance, make it count. Trust T on this.


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