T-pisode 239: Separating T

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This hat has represented a big part of my life and I'm proud of that. But my life is way more than that.
This hat has represented a big part of my life and I’m proud of that. But my life is way more than that.

I have a confession to make. I’m not the guy you all think I am. Well I am. But I’m not. Wait, what? Since I started this site I made it my mission to tell my life story as entertaining as possible so obviously I started from the beginning 5 years ago. Then it took about 3 years for all the stories to be told and then the site caught up to my life today. It’s really difficult now to find that line that separates the guy under the hat from the man I am today. And it sucks sometimes. I’m all of those things I said I am. All of those stories are true. I believe in every chapter of the Bro Code I came up with through what life taught me. But I need to separate somehow.

Running T-blawg means not only putting up a T-pisode every Monday and not only writing the book I’m working on but also putting up content on all things T-blawg related. That includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I feel like I’ve been over sharing my life too much. I feel over exposed. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s something T would say who’s tweeting or something the man I am today would say. I don’t know. The crazy thing is, it’s all still me! And that feeling is happening far too much for me lately. While all things T-blawg are still fun for me and I still love what I’m doing with it, it’s still just a small part of my life. T-blawg isn’t my ENTIRE life so why do I feel like sometimes I’m sharing my entire life? My every thought? My every opinion? My every moment? I have to reel it in guys. I can’t share every thought in my head on Twitter. I can’t post every meme and T-blawg Pose pic some hot chick sent me that I like on Facebook. I can’t be out with a woman I love and stop to do a T-blawg Pose or a #foodporn pic for Instagram every time I’m out. And I can’t put someone I deeply care about on blast on a T-pisode. I know you all didn’t ask for this. I know I gave it all voluntarily. This is on me, I know. I preach “Grown Man Shit” and I sometimes don’t act like a grown man when it comes to T-blawg or social media and that makes me feel embarrassed. Disappointed. Hell, I only have a Facebook page when it comes to my “personal” life but even there I need to chill the fuck out. Going forward I can’t let everyone know where I am, who I’m with and what I’m thinking or doing. Enough. Back to the “Grown Man Shit” that I made my motto. I am someone who practices what he preaches but I think the preaching has overshadowed the practicing a bit too much for my liking lately so I need to separate. I need to find a balance between MY life and T’s life. I know that sounds crazy and that you all may think I need drugs. Or therapy. Of course I need therapy. I never claimed to be sane. But the line in the sand has been drawn as of this moment.

The point of everything T-blawg related is still to get you all to come here to read. To enjoy. To laugh. To maybe learn. To get inspired. COME HERE. That was always the plan. The social media stuff is both a blessing and a curse. My honesty and the need to speak my mind all the fucking time are both a blessing and a curse as well. I make mistakes. I’m human. But I am a man who recognizes a problem and then solves it. Then I move the fuck on. I am working on this now. Please take my social media for what they are. Just know that there is a guy with a life under that hat that still has real life problems and real life people in his life. Without all of that, there would be no T-blawg. So from this point on, I’m going to do my best to separate me from T. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. And you all should put your phones down more too. I wish you all luck as well. Maybe we all should work on this separation thing a little more.



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