T-pisode 242: T-cation 2

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Marky Mark was in town for my T-cation but he wouldn't get off the phone with Donnie and the rest of the fucking New Kids!
Marky Mark was in town for my T-cation but he wouldn’t get off the phone with Donnie and the rest of the fucking New Kids!

Almost two years ago I invented the T-cation. Yes, I’m also an inventor. Don’t hate. It’s my take on the staycation. AKA the vacation when you stay home. Well this time around I didn’t just sit around on my ass and do nothing. Well there was some of that. And I actually did manage to get a solid 8 hours sleep every night for one week straight. I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life. Like ever. I plan to make that stick some how. This T-cation was pretty much an emergency T-cation. The last few months of my life have been crazy as shit and I basically told my manager that I was going to drop dead in front of the entire fucking office if I didn’t finally take some time off. So while I had hoped to take a week off and go to California with my nieces to see friends and hit up Disneyland, the last-minute vacation approval had me staying in Boston for another T-cation.

The goal of this T-cation was to relax, rebuild and refocus while detaching completely from the office and my normal “everyday” routine. The T-cation started with a cookout with my family, shooting the shit and playing UNO. Much needed quality time where I just got to be a son, brother and uncle. Hats I wear more easily than even this Red Sox hat. The next morning I had an MRI AKA “The 30 minute techno coffin from hell” and a follow-up doctor’s appointment. I now know what’s wrong with my fucked up arm. It turns out I have a disc pressing on a nerve and nerve damage in my neck. Fine. I finally know what it is after months of pain, drama & bullshit. I’m starting steroid shots this week and I can’t lift weights or do body resistance or even dirty box for a few more months but I can at least do cardio. It is what it is (I hate that saying too) and I’m dealing. So I’m content. For now. I then had lunch with a very special pretty lady. A friend who has been dealing with her own health issues. She put shit into perspective for me and has also been there for me the last few months and is a fucking inspiration. Seeing her and her straight shooting demeanor were exactly what my ass needed. Apparently I also needed a trip to the casino the following night. Hadn’t done a late night casino run in years. That shit felt good. Crazy, but good. The next night I went old school with some college pals. My homegirl for 19 years also broke shit down for me over sushi, drinks and music provided by our boy from college. A must needed night out and mini college reunion for all. Then I took my entire family out to dinner to celebrate my parents’ birthdays and anniversary the following night. We had one hell of a meal and the entire cast of “Ted 2” ate next to us. No the teddy bear wasn’t there. No I didn’t make Mila Kunis my baby mama and steal her from douchebag Ashton Kutcher. No I did not get Mark Wahlberg or Seth MacFarlane to turn T-blawg or one of my scripts into a movie. But don’t worry. All those Hollywood fuckers are in town for the next 3 months and Boston is MY city! You best believe I WILL run into them again. That’s how I roll. Finally, I got to catch up with a good buddy over drinks. And he also opened up about what was going on his life while giving me a shit ton of advice. Then I spent the last two days writing and watching movies. Two of my favorite things in the world. This T-cation made me realize just how fucking amazing my inner circle of friends and family really is. I’m a very humbled and an extremely appreciative man as I look back on the past week and write this.

Did I relax? Yep. Did I rebuild? I started to. Am I refocused? Oh fuck yes I am. But I also got to see some of my favorite people who are going through shit just like me. Some are going through a lot more than me. And it made me realize that we all have our own battles and struggles when it comes to relationships, family, our health and careers. You just can’t push yourself to the point of total mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. If you don’t take the time to chill the fuck out, catch up with your people and relax, that crazy shit that makes up your “everyday” life will spiral even more out of control. I planned to figure out things on my own this week but I’m glad I spent time with these awesome people because their takes on my life and their own lives opened my eyes and they made me feel a shit ton better. My T-cation is over. But it was EXACTLY what the fuck I needed. So you don’t always have to take a vacation and go away, but you should take a vacation from your “everyday” life shit and go spend time with people who care about you. Who will be there for you. Who want to be in your life without any excuses. They got your back. Now go tell your boss you need a T-cation because T says so.



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