T-pisode 243: Dating Sabbatical 2

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You may be right angry Bill Reilly. You may be right.
You may be right angry Bill Reilly. You may be right.

Two years. Two damn years already. Come this Fall it will be two years since I went on my now infamous dating sabbatical. I quit dating for 3 months and did a post every day for the last 17 days of it detailing what I was going through during the sabbatical. How fast time flies huh? At the time, I needed a break. Dating stopped being fun. The girls stopped being fun. I stopped being fun. I put dating on pause and focused on myself. I grew a very thick beard. I became a social recluse and refused to be seen in public. I went insane. Most of that is true. Either way, I needed a break from dating. And guess what? I need another break from it now. Hence, the sequel that you are now reading.

This dating sabbatical isn’t so much by choice this time. It’s just the way the cards have fallen in my life. I feel like I’m in some sort of limbo when it comes to the relationship/dating part of my life. It’s on hold. It’s stopped. It’s not there. Whatever it is, it’s not happening right now. And I’m kind of cool with it now. Well today I am. Tomorrow I may unleash the Kraken. Who the fuck knows. And honestly, who the fuck cares. I don’t want to date. I don’t want to even write about dating. I don’t want to check in on Facebook on my dates. I don’t want to Instagram the dinner I’m eating on my dates. I don’t want to fucking tweet about how good or how bad my dates went. I’m done. This also goes back to how I’m separating myself, my personal life to an extent from the T-blawg world I created. I need to focus on me right now. My health is an issue. My day job is keeping me busy. I have to write this book. I have birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings and Patriots football soon. That will keep me busy enough, trust me. And honestly? Dating at my age? I have zero interest in getting back out there. Zero. Don’t get me wrong, I have had opportunities recently. And I passed. Yep. I don’t want those girls. I don’t want those T-blawg groupies. And I don’t want women I’ve known for some time who all of sudden think that because I was in a serious relationship recently can just hit me up. “Oh T CAN be in a relationship now. He’s finally mature now. Oh T is single now.” I’m all set. There’s a reason why we didn’t date before and those reasons still stand. I don’t want to date you. You really shouldn’t don’t want to date me. And yes, I am one hell of a fucking catch. I got it going on baby and it’s great that you see the awesomeness and want a piece of the awesomeness. But no dating T for you! Or you. I’m out the game. Grown Man Shit. Priorities. I’m on sabbatical once again. When will I be back? I don’t know. Maybe never again. I’ve done it all.

It’s hard for me to imagine that I can find what I had recently. It took a lifetime to get that. So I don’t want to look for it again. Whatever is going to happen for me as far as romance, dating and relationships go are going to have to happen on their own. If it’s meant to be, whatever it is, then it will have to happen without me being actively involved. Without my help this time. I’m throwing my relationship future into the hands of the dating gods and I now have faith in them to lead me where I need to go. Where I should be and whom I should be with. I hope they show me mercy because I can only work on the things that I need to work on right now and dating isn’t one of them. So from this point on, T is once again on a dating sabbatical. I threw my razors away.


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