T-pisode 244: For The Ladies

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Some say I'm a ladies man. Some say I don't know shit. Either way, I definitely know more than this guy.
Some say I’m a ladies man. Some say I don’t know shit. Either way, I definitely know more than this guy.

I’ve written a lot about guy stuff, I know. From Bro Code to Grown Man Shit to #wouldwife posts. And obviously every T-pisode is written from a guy’s point of view. This guy. THE GUY!!! There is still only one T and don’t ever forget it. But still, half of my audience is female. And you all know T appreciates the ladies. You ladies all seem to get something out of my stories and advice just as much as the fellas do. I’m honored that you take my words to heart. So I want to do a list for you ladies. I haven’t done a list in a very long time. My apologies. But this list is for the ladies…T style of course.


Ladies… Appreciate yourselves. Don’t sell yourselves short. Don’t doubt how special you are. Not for one second. Know that we guys see in you what you sometimes can’t see in yourself but you have to appreciate yourself first or lesser men will disrespect you.

Ladies… Don’t waste your time on lesser men. Don’t date them. Don’t get into relationships with them. Don’t even entertain them. Not their compliments. Not their phone calls. Not their texts. Not their Facebook likes. Not their Twitter DMs. Not their SnapChat or Instagram pics. You’re only making yourselves lesser women that way and we real men see this.

Ladies… Work. Work for it all. Get your education. Get your career. Get out on your own. Don’t ever wait for a man to do it for you. The more you have to offer yourselves the more a real man will appreciate and love you for it. Show us you don’t need us first then we’ll want you and love you even more.

Ladies… Don’t ever pity yourselves. You control your own life. Every situation you put yourself in. Don’t blame your man, your parents, your friends, your job, your family. Everything you say and do, you control. No excuses. A strong woman is what real men want.

Ladies… Embrace your fucking body. Thin. Curvy. Fat. Jacked. Whatever. Own your shit. Work out if you want. Sleep in if you want. But realize that real men want you to eat when they take you out on a date. Fuck salad.

Ladies… Communicate. I know your sex likes to over think every single little thing and then let’s all those little things build up into one giant volcano until you erupt on us guys. It’s not ok. We understand but it’s not ok. Stop creating negative things that don’t exist. That NEVER existed. Don’t rewrite our history in a negative way that never happened. If we love you we know how to read you…to an extent. But you need to talk to us. Communicate ALL THE TIME. Then our relationship will be so much better, I promise.

Ladies… Stop bringing up the past. What we guys did is done. What your parents said is done. What your girlfriend started an argument about back in college is done. Let the negative go. No one likes it when you bring up old stuff that we thought we moved on from and you continue to throw it in our faces. So not cool.

Ladies… Always remember that a girl wants the attention of many men but a WOMAN wants the attention of just one man.

Ladies…Take your time when you are getting ready. Yeah I said it. We may get a little agitated waiting but nothing is sexier than watching you get ready for us. Of course we appreciate you all natural in sweats without makeup but knowing that you are doing all that just to look good to go out with us is one hell of a turn on.

Ladies… I know you take pride in “knowing” everything we do but guess what? We see and know everything you’re doing too. If the relationship is healthy, neither of us should be doing anything shady. If you think what you’re doing is wrong and would hurt us…guess what? Don’t do it.

Ladies… The good guys deserve one, two, three, four chances to get it right with you. The douchebags don’t. They never even should’ve had that first chance with you.

Ladies… Trust me when I say this, every guy you know wants to have sex with you. A real man will always trust his woman but will NEVER trust any other guy in her life. Why? Because we’re guys too. And each of us at one time has been that guy trying to get with a girl who has a man. And some of us have succeeded. Once again, DO NOT even entertain the other guy because we’re not entertaining any other women. Well, we real men aren’t.

Ladies… The things that you think make you weird, we find very cute. Don’t worry, you’re good.

Ladies… Please don’t complain about us to your friends before you talk to us first. That isn’t healthy. If we have a problem we’re the only two who can address it and fix it. It’s ok to vent to your friends, we’re guys and we’ll do stupid things. But let us know we’re stupid first, ok?

Ladies… Put your money away. Real men pay. Always.

Ladies… It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are on the outside. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are on the inside. The one thing that we love more than anything about you is being able to make you laugh and putting a smile on your face whenever possible. If we can make you smile and keep you smiling, we’ll do everything to keep you forever.

Well I hope you enjoyed that list ladies. It was as honest a list I could come up with for all of you. Just know that it takes a long time for a man to grow up and really appreciate women for what they are. Our mothers and sisters teach us a lot as boys but it isn’t until we come into our own as real grown men that we can really value women. So we real men DO appreciate, love, respect and value you ladies. We really do. Just do the same for yourselves and for us. That’s all I ask.


Until next time. Always take it there.