T-pisode 256: Boston, Best City Evah

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I took this pic of my beautiful city. Been told I've been upping my 'gram game. Follow along on Instagram if you like @tblawg.
I took this pic of my beautiful city. Been told I’ve been upping my ‘gram game. Follow along on Instagram if you like @tblawg.

*This T-pisode is dedicated to Mayor Tom Menino. I wrote it on October 29 and the former long time mayor of Boston passed away from cancer the very next day. Mayor Menino was Boston. Thank you for everything you did for this city. And thank you for believing in this East Boston kid when a lot of other people didn’t. Rest in peace.


There was no way I could end T-blawg without giving one last tribute to my city. One last moment of T & Boston glory. One more nod of respect to that beautiful “B” that shines so bright and stands so tall on my half revealed devilishly handsome face. Whoa…that last statement was vintage T, no? The name was always T-blawg and not T-blog. Because of “The Accent.” That Boston accent. That’s right. I put Boston smack dab in the middle of the title of my hit website. Because I put on for my city for the last 5 years right here every Monday. Shit, I put on for my city my entire life. And I WILL ALWAYS put on for my city. The city that loves me. The city that made me. Boston, you’re my home.

At this point I think you all know by reading my “T Does Some City In 3 Paragraphs” T-pisodes that I’ve been all over this great country and all around this big round planet but I love no place more than Boston. Boston has gone through its fair share of ups and downs in its time. Just like me. It’s role has been very important to the history of this beautiful country we call America. The battles won and lost here. The stereotypes both good and bad that it has been both properly and unjustly labeled over time. What its people have gone through and how they are perceived by other cities. How Boston’s people are portrayed in movies and TV shows. How its sports teams have been both loved and hated as likeable losers full of heart and as envied yet despicable champions. How the city itself showed the entire world how strong it’s heart is and made Boston Strong it’s loud motto and even though it has since silenced it’s people will forever know how strong this city really is. Boston is my heart. My wife. Both my good and bad times. It is my longest relationship, my memory and my optimistic outlook. It is my smile. I will always tell people Boston is MY CITY and I will always claim very proudly that NO ONE knows this city like me. NO ONE. I will make you respect “The Accent” that comes out of my mouth quickly and without a single “R” to be heard. I will always preach that a Boston neighborhood original will never say “wicked” or “pissah.” I will tell you to respect that “B” on my hat because it represents more than the Red Sox. More than sports. The “B” is a way of life around here. The “B” is everything Boston and I love everything about my city. The good, the bad and the ugly. That “B” is me. It goes where I go and it has more stories to tell than I can ever write. Even when I’m not wearing it. You can have your New York City. You can have Paris. You can have London and Rome. But you can’t have Boston. Boston is mine. Like I said, Boston made me who I am. Boston turned a boy into a man and gave the world one hell of a story to read the last 5 years.

Boston truly is the best city ever. You can’t tell me otherwise or build a case solid enough to ever change my mind. I’ve seen your city. I’ve liked many of your cities. But with all due respect, they are not Boston. If I haven’t proven that to you in the last 5 years, that’s ok. I’m content with what I’ve done on here for my city. But if you ever find yourself in Boston go to the nearest sporting goods store or one of our many “pro shops” and buy yourself a Red Sox hat. Put it on. Tuck it low. And say “T-blawg Pose” three times fast. I will magically appear and I will show you why my city is the best city ever in person with one hell of a guided tour full of tales told with an authentic Boston accent to boot. You can thank me later.


Until next time. Always take it there.