T-pisode 255: What T-blawg Taught Me

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Buzz & Woody were the only two Disney characters to follow Bro Code. For the record.
Buzz & Woody were the only two Disney characters to follow Bro Code. For the record.

Writing about your life for 5 years can really bring out both the best and the worst in you. For 5 years I have come here and put my life out there for the entire world to see. I didn’t just write about the 5 years that T-blawg existed. I wrote about my entire life. From my birth until this very moment and mostly everything in between. And shit I learned a lot. Not just by the writing itself but I learned a lot through all the social media I have; through everything that this site changed in my real life off of it; and through what I learned every time I went back and re-read a T-pisode or a dozen of them or even a hundred of them. Taking this site and turning it into a book caused me to evaluate T-blawg and my life before, during and after T-blawg. It has changed me.

I initially started the site to entertain friends and family then it blew up. I never planned Bro Code or Grown Man Shit to become bibles for men. I never thought #wouldwife would become a famous hashtag slapped on the pics of women by so many men out there. And I NEVER fucking thought I would teach the entire world how to wear it’s fucking hat. So T-blawg taught me that my life, my words, my mannerisms, my thoughts, my opinions can be powerful as fuck when nicely packaged and delivered via the internet to your computer screen and phone for 255 straight Mondays. Holy shit this was not the plan when I started blogging. That’s right. This was supposed to be just a blog people. T-blawg also taught me that while all the “famous” shit that came from this site was pretty cool it also taught me that I put a lot of other people’s shit out there into the world. While writing about myself I had to write about others in my everyday real life. And even though I didn’t name a single name, T-blawg did some damage to my personal life. Five years of writing also meant a lot of “I’m sorry about this week’s T-pisode” or “I’m sorry about that tweet” and “I’m sorry about that pic” for me. So many apologies for five years. I was never one to really apologize before this site. So T-blawg taught me how to appreciate the people in my life off of the site even more. T-blawg taught my damn ego that it needed to be humbled. And it was fucking humbled. Trust me. For every T-pisode that sounded like I was bragging & boasting there were ten other T-pisodes about pain, loss and failure. But most importantly when I go back and look at all things T-blawg I learned that I’m not done growing and I don’t think I’ll ever be. T-blawg was about a guy coming into his own in life when you go back and look at every single T-pisode. Every single tweet. Every single Facebook update. Every single Instagram pic. T-blawg taught me to keep growing and to become a better me than I was yesterday. I’m definitely a better me than I was in T-pisode 1 that’s for sure.

T-blawg taught me to be proud. To be proud of the site, of my life and everything I once was, am and will become. My own words on the internet also taught many other people something as well and that makes me feel good. So this crazy site did a lot of teaching I guess. Who knew that would ever be possible coming from a guy who once wrote about his “Greatest Moments Of His Asshole Era?!” Pretty damn awesome I say. And ironic. And funny. So there it is people. Ol’ T admitting that he learned from himself. There’s nothing wrong with learning from yourself. I mean you know yourself best right? T-blawg….teaching lessons since 2009. I guess I finally won the internet.


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