T-pisode 257: Bro Code Chapter 18: Bro Grown Man Shit Code

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I had to write 18 Bro Code chapters and 257 T-pisodes in 5 years to finally grow up. This is me now. And I'm proud of it.
I had to write 18 Bro Code chapters and 257 T-pisodes in 5 years to finally grow up. This is me now. And I’m proud of it.

Bro Code. 5 years. 18 chapters. From beginning. To the end. This is it. The final chapter. This isn’t a list. This isn’t a story. This is a summary. This is a wrap up. This is the bookend. This is the end. For all my bros, dudes, boys and fellas out there, at this point we should all be grown men. Or at least I hope we are. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into living a life that gave me the knowledge to create 18 chapters of a code that should and could guide every and any man if they choose to allow it. The Bro Code is not only a staple on this site but it is a staple in life. In the life of every man. Whether they read it here or not, at some point every man has followed the Bro Code. And it has been written and now it is done. We have finally reached the Bro Grown Man Shit Code.

After everything written about basic guy rules, women, dating, clothes, sports, work, money, food, social media, entertainment, friends, family, business, travel and life in general we have finally reached Grown Man Shit. The first Bro Code chapter was written 5 years ago and everything in between that chapter and this chapter has completed the circle of life, Simba. We are no longer boys. We are men. The bros are gone. The grown men have arrived. We are still flawed. We still occasionally act like the bros we once were. We will NEVER be perfect. But we are now grown men and we are on the top of our game. The Bro Code evolved into Grown Man Shit. We went from jerks to gentlemen. And there was a lot to see, do and feel in between. Oats had to be sewn. Love had to be found and lost. Fights were won and battles were lost. Lessons learned. Mistakes made. Regrets. Successes. Failures. All common men experiences on the path from boy to man. It’s not an age thing. It’s a growth thing. It’s a recognition thing. It’s recognizing that you have lived a life as a man who has taken every experience and used each of them to better yourself. I am no longer a bro and I can no longer call you a bro. This is Grown Man Shit. And now we must look and act accordingly fellas. It doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. It doesn’t mean you can’t go back and re-read any of the Bro Code chapters. It’s ok to reflect. It’s ok to live in the moment without thinking sometimes too. But now we have to plan more. Plan for the future. Plan for more success. Take it all to the next level. That level is Grown Man Shit and the Grown Man Shit chapter is YOUR chapter. I can’t write it for you. I can’t live this one for you. I gave you everything I had. Everything. From this point on you are on your own. You have to write this chapter. You have to live it. You can do it Nicky. You can do it all night long. The Bro Code is done. Class is over. We graduated. Now go out there and kick some ass with all the knowledge and experience you have acquired in your lifetime. Go get your Grown Man Shit on, son.

I know there are still some of you out there not quite ready to be grown men. That’s ok. You still have the Bro Code to guide you. There is no time limit. There is no ticking clock. We all walk at our own speed. We each grow at our own pace. Nothing wrong with the bros still out there in the world. You’ll get there. You’ll have your fun. You’ll learn your lessons. Then you’ll want more for yourself. Take your time. I want to thank each man out there who has read and followed my Bro Code. Some of you used it as a blueprint. Made it your bible. Thank you. I enjoyed writing all 18 chapters of the Bro Code. Now that book has been written. It’s time for me to move on. The hat is off. The suit is on. Grown Man Shit. That’s the motto now.



Until next time. Always take it there.