T-pisode 380: Making Peace In The Desert

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T-pisode 380
This end of the strip has officially become the “ghetto” of the Las Vegas strip and it reminded me of growing up in East Boston. Not sure if that’s a bad thing?


Las Vegas in July in the daytime is all sky with no clouds, a sun that wants to destroy everything in its path and a heat that is utterly painful. Not dry like they want you to believe. Painful. You get to bake like a muffin in an oven while not being able to breathe. It’s a fantastic feeling on the body. Said no one ever. Your only escape during the day are the hotel casinos and restaurants that have now become family central. You’re in the nice air condition but now a new pain of families bumping into you and kids crying over who gets the iPad next is inflicted upon you. Or you can go to a strip club. So this is the last place on earth that I thought I would find some sort of peace with my father. It’s well documented here that we never had a healthy father/son relationship. Prison time. Years and years of living almost in poverty in a tough East Boston neighborhood while he went through job after job and gambled every last dollar away while borrowing from anyone who would give him more money and dealing with my mother’s nonstop health issues made life…tough. Tougher than it had to be. But fast forward to summer 2017 and a month before my 40th birthday and the two of us went to Las Vegas to either kill each other or end this war once for all and we managed to do the latter. After a few drinks…a few “dances” and a few “You know you made everything suck for us right?” from me to him in this gentlemen’s club, I finally got an “I know. I fucked up.” And that’s all I ever wanted from him. Not to learn about sex. Not to learn how to shave. Not to learn how to throw a spiral. Not a single dime for college. Just that. That’s what I wanted. And finally, we had peace. I’m not getting into my feelings today or any more details than this. I finally had the peace I was looking for. I felt like I could finally move on in life. And I did. Just in time to deal with my mother’s biggest health issue ever. Yeah, life is kind of fucked up like that. But it’s what you make of it, man.


Do you have a parent that you never had the typical parent-child relationship with and finally found a way to end the war with them?


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