T-pisode 273: My Birthday Week 2015

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Your birthday is a great way to gauge where you stand with people. (*This pic was featured on boston.com’s weather page last week by the way. It also was a great gauge for me!)
Your birthday is a great way to gauge where you stand with people. (*This pic was featured on boston.com’s weather page last week by the way. It also was a great gauge for me!)


I was going to use my annual birthday T-pisode space for a sequel to my “Grown Man Shit” T-pisode. But after the rollercoaster week I had I really wanted to get some shit off my chest and write this one fresh. So, I’m coming in hot with this one! Watch out. The older you get the less you are allowed to celebrate your birthday. I firmly believe this. There is no need to go all big and shit and make a huge deal out of it if it’s a non-milestone birthday year. But the people in your everyday life…friends, family, people you’re dating and those who you go out of your way to celebrate and recognize their birthdays should absolutely recognize and celebrate yours. Big or small, I don’t give a shit. Just something. Anything. With that said, moving on to my birthday week this past week.

Like I clearly stated above, this week was my birthday week. It was a non-milestone birthday age. Definitely not a special number by any means. But my usual core friends and family did what they always do and celebrated it with me in one form or another. I am very thankful for these people. They put up with my crazy ass. And those people are all I need. NOW, to the ones who didn’t? The ones who I went out of my way for on their birthday? The ones in my life who I’ve been there for and done sweet shit for and bought gifts for even when it wasn’t their birthdays? So called “close” friends? Even a few people I once considered family? My birthday came and went for some of them just like that. Not a text. Not a call. Not even a generic Facebook “Happy birthday, T” yo. So, I want my birthday this year to be like a movie script plot point for them. This is where we make a turn in a different direction. I want them to remember this moment when they want to know why I changed when it comes to them. This is that point. This is that last straw for some. This is where I turn the corner on our relationship. For real. I’m not bitter. No. That would need time and energy. No, I’m just recognizing where we are and choosing to move on. This week I had to deal with work shit. I got a bump up in position which was great for me but others weren’t so happy about it. Fuck them I say. I had to deal with some family health issues. Some other family drama. Some people surprisingly going ghost on me. Brand new car insurance and repair issues. Writing stuff. T-blawg shit. And just everyday life shit. This week was a true rollercoaster and at my age I will make the changes I see fit to address the issues I consider important to me and to move on and cut off the people and issues that are NOW no longer important to me. This week I’ve been so happy, so stressed, so proud, so pissed, so hurt, so excited…I’m fucking exhausted. So this year’s birthday has come and gone and it brought more into my life than most past birthdays. But like I always have, I dealt with it. I will deal with it. It’s what I do best. I deal with shit both good & bad and turn negatives into positives and turn current positives into bigger future positives. That’s how I fucking roll. Still.

So now I have one more celebration tonight (wrote this Saturday FYI) with family and then I have another one next weekend that was put out due to Boston weather being a little bitch this weekend. LOLz. And then that will put this year’s birthday into the history books for me. But either way, this year’s game plan is the same as previous years. To enjoy life and always have a story to tell while trying to be a better man today than I was yesterday. That’s my motto. It’s been my motto. It’s actually Grown Man Shit. And that sequel is coming baby. Happy birthday to me!


Until next time. Always take it there.