T-pisode 274: F*ck Yo Meal Prep!

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16 weeks of meals prepared specifically for me! Thug life!!! Healthy thug life…but still…thug life. I’ll never stop using thug life. Deal with it.
16 weeks of meals prepared specifically for me! Thug life!!! Healthy thug life…but still…thug life. I’ll never stop using thug life. Deal with it.


I’ve been into fitness for a while now. Went through the bodybuilding, heavy weights, supplements and protein shakes period that most guys that I grew up with were into. I grew out of it. I just didn’t have the time to commit to it or the heart for it anymore. Or the stomach. Literally and figuratively. Supplementing meals for years on end brought me no joy. And I’ll never go back to it. Now I’m into a mix of free weights, dirty boxing and mud race training. Monday through Friday I work out with the occasional run through Boston thrown in on the weekend. I may never have six-pack abs but I like being able to scale mountains, jumping over fires, having a tolerance for electrocution and being able to throw a series of boxing combinations with elbows and knees thrown in. But diet is still important yo.

Everybody these days that is into fitness is also into meal prep. Go on Instagram or any of your social media news feeds right now and you’ll see someone talking about their workouts and pics of the meals they’re eating. Me? I try to avoid talking about my workouts and my clean eating meals as much as possible because honestly, it’s boring. But I’ve been into fitness for a while and it helps that my best bud is a lifelong bodybuilder. The dude was in the NFL, competes in bodybuilding competitions and has lifted since we were kids. He knows all about fitness and meal prep. So this past Winter, he introduced me to a girl who was starting her own meal prep business. Now like I said, I’m into fitness. I’m pretty disciplined. And I don’t do supplements anymore. I’m also busy as shit and I don’t like cooking. But I like to eat! This was perfect for me. So I hired her. Yep. Ol’ T is financially secure enough to pay someone to cook his meals. So for 16 weeks I had her cook my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for Monday through Friday. My other two daily meals were on me and consisted of fruits and nuts. Saturday I was on my own and Sunday was my cheat day. And even though I always knew a good clean diet was important, it wasn’t until I lived this lifestyle for those 4 months that I really got to see what clean eating and a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fats from natural foods could do for you! I was in amazing shape and never felt better. Even better than I did in my early 20s during my heavy lifting days. I have since moved on from her doing my meal prep and now I do my own prep. I still hate the shit out of cooking and I can’t even come close to the meals she was making AND it takes me like 4 hours every Sunday to prep for the week, but it’s worth it. If you’re into fitness then you have to do your meal prep. Whether on your own or paying someone else to do it, meal prep and clean eating is like 90% of your fitness routine. Trust ol’ T on this. And consider this T-pisode as a healthy lifestyle public service announcement. You’re welcome.

Meal prepping is all the rage and I honestly think some people put up fake bullshit meal prep pics to make people think that they’re actually eating clean and working out. Same as when “checking in” on social media was cool and everyone was checking in at the gym. Yeah ok. Why lie? The results are obvious when people see you and you’re only hurting yourself. So…prep yo’ meals. Go to the gym. Eat clean. Drink water. Sleep well. And whether you share all of this with friends on social media or not, just do it. Even if you’re not wearing Nikes. Just do it. Actually do it. For yourself. You’ll feel better and live longer. Meal prep…



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