T-pisode 277: Aged Dating

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This part of Boston is symbolic to me. I snap a pic whenever I can. In my mind it’s the place where I drive into my present from my past every time I cross the Tobin Bridge back into Boston. Deep, I know.
This part of Boston is symbolic to me. I snap a pic here when I can. In my mind it’s the place where I drive into my present from my past every time I cross the Tobin Bridge back into Boston. Deep, I know.


I think any grown man would love to go back in time to talk to a younger version of himself and give himself some solid life advice. A few things I would tell T in his late teens and early twenties would be…don’t be so hard on yourself; don’t be so angry & crazy all the time; you’re nothing like your father; write that script now; spend a little less time hitting the books while working 3 jobs so you can actually enjoy college life and relax with the girls, make them laugh, be confident not cocky and let that shit progress naturally. Of course I would give myself some stocks and sports tips to secure millionaire status at a young age as well. But that other stuff is important life knowledge compared to just money that I’ll go on to earn one day. I don’t keep in touch with a lot of people from that time in my life. I’ve lived it, learned from it and moved on from it. But I recently connected with someone who knew me then and is getting to know me now.

I am almost NOTHING like the kid I was in my late teens and early twenties. My ties to that life are my family, a handful of friends and any words or stories I share here, in my book (yes, I’m still writing the book) or in my scripts. Even on my personal social media I rarely interact with people from my past. It’s really not intentional. Like I said earlier, I’ve moved on. A few years back I connected with a woman I knew when she was a teenage girl. And she knew teenaged T. She was a girl I always liked. Beautiful and always kept my attention without even trying to get it. To me girls like that were special back then. I’ve grown and I’ve had my fair share of women since which mostly consisted of a lot of not so special girls, some special women and only a few extraordinary ladies. So I was surprised when she still grabbed my attention now as a grown woman all these years later just through Facebook chats. We caught up and connected again then actually went out on a date. We were two grownups now but had more chemistry now than we did then. It’s tough to have “chemistry” or “deep” intelligent conversations as kids. Back then we paged each other on pagers. We made mixtapes. We would go to the mall and movies. We hung out at under 21 nightclubs and danced to songs like “This Is How We Do It” and “I Like To Move It” while driving up and down Revere beach until the cops told us to go home! Life was different then. Maybe even a little more simple then. But I will take that grown, sexy, educated, maternal, strong woman who I’m getting to spend time with now over that sweet teenage girl then. Because I’ve grown into the man I am now. Can a man and a woman reconnect after a long time and hit it off? So far, so good! And this is all new even for me. And I like it. And I’m calling this new-found style of dating “Aged Dating” because it’s like a bottle of fine wine that has gotten better with age baby.

Aged dating also means you both have grown into your lifestyles. Sometimes these lifestyles are very different but the connection between the two of you keeps things moving along. To where? Only time will tell I guess. Two grown adults with busy lives can be very interesting that’s for sure but being grown and comfortable in your life eliminates a lot of games, negativity and bullshit. And that’s rare. Because the older you get the less time and energy you have for bullshit so try to make things work if the good shit outweighs the bullshit I say. Especially if the two of you laugh a lot together. Smiling is important. The reason why you’re smiling is even more important. So I’ll leave you with this… If you are reconnecting with someone from your past right now and you recognize a common attraction, then go for it. See what happens. See what this “Aged Dating” does for you.


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