T-pisode 278: Boston Winter Strong

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Don’t ever question the toughness of a Bostonian. THIS is how we roll in winter. ALL fucking winter that is.
Don’t ever question the toughness of a Bostonian. THIS is how we roll in winter. ALL fucking winter that is.


108.6 inches. 108.6! One hundred and eight point six. Or a hunnit an’ eight point six as they say in the streets yo. That was the new snowfall record. That was another title for Boston won last winter. It was actually 110.6 inches when the winter was all said and done. But that’s how much snow we got last winter in Boston. I know it’s just the start of autumn now and it’s all pumpkin errythang, leaves a’changin’ and a’fallin’ too, apple picking pics all over yo’ social media and nonstop football but I had to write about last winter because I was on my T-blawg break during last winter. I’m going to use this T-pisode as a kind of metaphor and a warning. Watch what I do here.

I did the math. As a lifelong Bostonian this is how our seasons go…we get 6 weeks of fall. 6 weeks of spring. 8 weeks of summer. And 32 weeks of winter. Seriously. Last winter however we definitely got a late start. I was in Gillette watching my Patriots destroy teams while wearing t-shirts and jerseys. It was unseasonal for us. It was very mild and calm and it was absolutely beautiful! Then around mid January? We got FUUUUUCKED up. We got slammed for 6 weeks straight of storm after storm and cold weather after even colder weather. We even went 10 straight weekends of receiving measurable snow! The fuck? I swear I went at least a month without seeing my car after I stopped trying to shovel it out after 5 attempts at unburying it. It was brutal. We suffered. People complained. We couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t leave our homes. People complained some more. But guess what? We got through it. That’s what we do around here. Bostonians survive and get through shit. That winter tested the most winter hardened vets, let me tell you! Unless you are from Boston you have no idea what it’s like to commute in our winters. You have no idea what it’s like to dig out your car, trying to save your parking spot then finding another spot if your spot was taken and debating whether you want to wait and kill someone then go to prison for taking your original spot! We’ll cut you and your tires. Fuck it. Forget the gym. We shovel for weight lifting, cardio and conditioning around here during the winter. Fuck the treadmill. Sure some of us go fucking nuts and immediately have to get to the grocery store before that first forecasted snowflake even falls for milk, bread and eggs like there is nothing else to eat…like the stores aren’t selling anything else…like the restaurants are all going to fucking close…which none of this EVER happens!!! Cut the shit, people. But we’re crazy like that. We’re Bostonians. We’re tough AND we’re crazy. And that’s how we roll in the winter. Record breaking or otherwise.

Like I said earlier, it’s fall now. But I know how fast fall will fade and winter will rush in. I’ve been through this a long time now. Sure there are many other Bostonians who have been through plenty of winters as well but some will act like they never even seen snow before as soon as that first snowfall forecast hits all our TV, phone and computer screens. All I ask is that you remember how tough you are. Read this again if you have to. Remember last winter. We’ve seen the worst and we’re still here. Act accordingly. We’re Bostonians. The rest of the country made memes about the winter we actually lived through last year! Show them and each other that we got this. So get ready… Winter is coming.



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