T-pisode 280: #goals VS Goals

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#goals…#squadgoals…#relationshipgoals…#vacationgoals…#gymgoals…Memes…It’s lit…Who did this?!...Vines…Snaps…hashtags…Instagram…emojis…Kylie Jenner selfies…Drake lyrics…Pizza is life…HUH??? This shit SHOULD NOT determine your real life goals. Are you fucking stupid or what? LOLzzzz
#goals…#squadgoals…#relationshipgoals…#vacationgoals…#gymgoals…Memes…It’s lit…Who did this?!…Vines…Snaps…hashtags…Instagram…emojis…Kylie Jenner selfies…Drake lyrics…Pizza is life…HUH??? This shit SHOULD NOT determine your real life goals. Are you fucking stupid or what? LOLzzzz


If you haven’t figured out yet that I’m a very goal-oriented type of person then you don’t fully understand what I’ve been trying to do with T-blawg for almost the last six years. Damn, it’s almost six years? Shit, I’m getting old. Anyway… T-blawg goal #1… To give you an entertaining history of how I became the man I am today. Done. T-blawg goal #2… To make you laugh, make you feel and make you think. Ongoing. T-blawg goal #3… To take everything T-blawg including the T-pisodes, the Bro Codes, the Grown Man shit, Boston life, the lessons, Festivus, the lists, the travel adventures, the pose, the #wouldwife(s), the book (still being written) and package it all into an established brand that has never been seen or done before. Accomplished. T-blawg goal #5… Bring all that to the next fucking level. Soon.

Those are my T-blawg goals. My other goals are an endless list. Many have been accomplished. Many are still ongoing. Many I haven’t even thought of yet. But all of them are MY goals and no one else’s. Once again, I’m not on this fucking planet to live a life that someone else is living nor am I ever going to be one to live the “normal” life that so many people either have or want. I do my thang yo. So it drives me fucking nuts when I see #goals thrown around on all my social media shit by so many people. So called shit like #relationshipgoals and #squadgoals. What? People posting gym selfies and makeup selfies and someone writing #goals in their comments. What?? Or when someone is popping a bottle at the club or driving a tinted & rimmed up car and I see #goals under those pics as well. WHAT??? What the fuck is going on with people? You want that simple shit? You want what someone else is portraying on social media?! Don’t you have your own goals in mind? And I’m not talking about that social media shit. I’m talking about your own type of education goals. Your career goals. Your financial goals. Long and short-term. Your own relationship goals. Your own health and fitness goals. Are we that empty and directionless today that this is the kind of nonsense we’re calling goals??? The fuck outta here. I’m not saying you have to be super goal-oriented like ol’ T over here. I’m saying that you need to have your own real life goals! Fuck yo’ #goals hashtags. Do yourself a favor and unfollow all those idiots will you?! Those are not goals. Those are materialistic mirages created by the superficial to get shallow “likes” from people they don’t even know and if you can’t see that then your first goal should be for you to get your fucking head examined because you may be an idiot. Hashtag #medicalgoals. LOLz. Look, I’m doing what I do here. I’m giving you some cold ass truth. So please, know the fucking difference between #goals and real life goals. Be a better person for yourself. That is a goal we should all have. To become better. Every fucking day. Become better.

Goals… You have to have them. They have to mean something to you. They shouldn’t be anyone else’s goals but your own. #goals on the other hand are just things created by others trying to fool you into thinking that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what you should be trying to get. That’s how you should look. That’s how you should love. That’s how you should live. NO. It’s just a hashtag. Those aren’t goals. Those aren’t healthy relationships. Your friends aren’t a “squad.” Your significant other isn’t a fucking “bae” just because the world is telling you they are. Let’s get back to real life goals. The kind of goals that mean something. Once again, thank me later. That should be your goal. To finally thank me for all this damn advice!!!



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