T-pisode 287: 6 Years of T-blawg

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There is only one Jordan. There is only one T. Didn’t invent the game, just the best to ever do it.
There is only one Jordan. There is only one T. Didn’t invent the game, just the best to ever do it.


Six years ago today I created T-blawg. I started the site at a low point in my life and I just wanted a way to tell my stories, share my experiences, capture my thoughts, my mistakes, my successes while making people laugh, think and feel through my original and honest style of writing. I stopped the site exactly one year ago as well and for 6 months I lived a life without all things T-blawg except for the book. Yes, I’m still writing the book. Then I started this all back up again 6 months later. And here we are. T-blawg is approaching 300 T-pisodes. T-blawg is entering its 7th year in this world. So I did some reflecting…

There was a lot of fun had by me the first few years of this site. This site brought a lot of people into my life and that was never the plan. But I went along with it just to see why the hell so many strangers were interested in a guy who wore his hat low. There were also a lot of bumps in the road while I pissed off some people trying to find my voice here and as I matured off of the site. Off this site in the last 6 years I managed to come up in corporate America. I visited Europe 5 times. I’ve pitched scripts in Hollywood and almost had a deal on more than one occasion. I watched friends get married and divorced. I’ve had little nieces and nephews welcomed into the world. Several women came, oh yes they did. And several women went. Broke some hearts. Had my heart broken. Had my body broken. My mother battled cancer on 3 different occasions. Lost touch with a lot of people who were once very important to me. Lost count of all the people who I grew up with who passed away at such a young age. T-blawg existed before Instagram, before Snapchat, before Vine, before Tinder, before hashtags, before sliding into DMs, before Netflix & Chill. I got to see an old school “blog” turn into a new age entertainment website. I also got to see my Boston teams win a few more championships. I hurt along with the rest of my city back on Marathon Monday 2013. I’ve reached a lot of highs after starting this at such a low and I’m only going higher up the life mountain baby. To say that I grew up a lot through this site, with this site, because of this site, would be a huge understatement. T-blawg became my online persona. My secret identity. My real identity. My therapy. My piece of mind. My peace of mind. My purgatory. My freedom. To be able to go back and read everything that makes me who I am now, what I was then, to be able to read everything about my life that I was brave enough to share with the entire world, even under the hat, is a very personal experience and I’m the only one to ever do it. There isn’t any person or persons or site in this world that tells one man’s life story in weekly posts like this. There isn’t. T-blawg is one of a kind just like me. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell. One day when I’m all said and done with this, I hope I can look back and say it was a good thing.

So what happens when you write about your life every Monday from December 2009 to December 2015? A lot of fucking living, man. I chose to do this and I don’t regret a fucking thing. I’m proud of T-blawg. I’m proud of every word I have written here the last 6 years. And those words have to be close to a few hundred thousand at this point and each of them have been read by millions of people around this amazing world. T-blawg is entering year 7 and 2016. And I can’t wait to see what I write about next.


Until next time. Always take it there.