T-pisode 303: T Does Snapchat

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Look… If you’re a player on one of Boston’s rival teams and you come into my city, I’m going to boo you in public and Snapchat the moment. Das it.
Look… If you’re a player on one of Boston’s rival teams and you come into my city, I’m going to boo you in public and Snapchat the moment. Das it.


I held out from joining Snapchat for a very long time. Mostly because I thought I was too “grown” for that app and mostly because what I knew about it made me of all people, question the morality of it. Let me tell you what I knew about Snapchat before I joined. I knew it was a place to share little snippets of your life whether by photo or video up to 10 seconds at a time. I also knew it was an app that allowed you to send whatever you wanted to one of your friends on there and that it would disappear once opened. And that there was an understood and unspoken rule that you could not screenshot that pic and if you did, that person would receive a notification that you did. Snapchat reeked of shadiness to me but with the potential for some fun.

An ex of mine was always on Snapchat when we dated. She never showed me anything that was on her Snapchat. This is also the same ex who never told me she was on Instagram either and added a dude while we were dating on her Facebook and just so happened to immediately start dating him after we broke up. So I just have to assume a lot of shadiness was going down on her Snap too. Why? Because social media can be shady depending on how you use it. I mean, go back and re-read what I just wrote. Social media can cause you to keep secrets from the people you’re dating especially if you “entertain” strangers or exes or almost anyone in general for that matter if you have this unhealthy need for likes, hearts, compliments and dirty late night DMs. And no other social media app enables that need more than Snapchat. It’s like a drug. I confirmed all of this within my first month of joining. Wow, it was crazy on there. People can be relentless on there hiding behind the “disappearing” feature. There is a very unhealthy and shady side to Snapchat and it makes me question myself for being on it. It makes me question almost everyone I know on it as well unfortunately. Mostly because a lot of people seek attention and because most men have NO problem sending pics & videos to women to start contact. Because that is their game. Because they don’t have real life game. It’s just a part of the world now. Constant contact in many ways. Anyway… Snapchat can also be fun. Besides all those crazy filters that women seem to love, a lot. It is fun to see a “day in the life of” your friends or even some celebrities. I dig that for the most part. I do not dig car singing videos or boring car monologue confessionals up to like 300 seconds. I also get annoyed with people who snap their entire night out or the ones who intentionally try to keep someone out of their story to make you guess who they’re out with…like why? Is you 12? That drama inducing mentality is where I feel old on there as well. So what do I share in my story? Not so much a day in my life but more about snaps with a crazy joke or funny emoji as the caption over the pic. I share my awesome meals my cook makes. An occasional office selfie when I’m “thinking” or working hard. Some old school hip hop songs. And I wash my car a lot. Yep. That’s my Snapchat. And those are my thoughts about Snapchat.

Snapchat isn’t really T-blawg stuff for me either. It’s the rare social media feed for the guy under the hat. I don’t add a lot of people because I treat my personal social media well, more personal. And I don’t like social media drama inducers or social media posers so I limit the following on my personal stuff. I have to really trust you to let you into my world on the daily and I either really have to be interested in you or really care about you to want to follow you back in my personal world. I don’t know the long-term plan for Snapchat. I prefer Instagram for sharing pics. Facebook is dead. Twitter is dying. So I’ll see how Snapchat plays out for now I guess.


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