T-pisode 305: But It’s My Time

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Was never a Roc boy like Jay. Was and will always be an Eastie boy though. But now I’m grown.
Was never a Roc boy like Jay. Was and will always be an Eastie boy though. But now I’m grown. And I do enjoy the occasional expensive cigar.


When you have a plan for yourself you do whatever it takes to get there. My plan has always been one thing and one thing only, success. And I was always going to be the only one to decide that success. Set that success. Measure that success. And carry out that success. I put goals behind my success and started knocking them off my list the morning I woke up the day after the police and feds came and took my father away when I was just 7 years old. I haven’t looked back since. I thought I still had years to go, but I was wrong.

In the past few weeks my life has gone down a little like this… My mother kicked cancer’s ass for a third time and she’s healthy again. My day-time job is sending me back to London again. I also booked a London and Paris trip for a vacation this summer that I’m taking my mother and niece on. I received another hard-earned annual bonus that was more than both my parents ever made combined in one year. I got a “Happy Birthday” card from my car dealership for my car turning a year old this month. Easter Sunday I picked up my meals from my cook then went by my cousin’s house to play with his kids while we drank two different kinds of ports then ate dinner with my immediate family only to end the night by paying off my Patriots season tickets in cash with my best friend. A week before that I took an amazing woman all over Boston starting with a members only opening day exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts followed by one hell of a dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and then dessert with the finest glass of 30 year port and the most delicious piece of cheesecake found in the entire city at another restaurant. But none of that topped her company. I also enjoyed back to back Saturday nights at one of the hottest new Boston restaurants with some of my closest friends. I had my taxes done one of those Saturday mornings and after discussing my current investments, was advised to start buying property. Because it “made sense” to do it now. All this occurred and continues to occur in my life now while I am still grounded by my closest people. Thank God for that. But this is my life now. While I was chasing success I finally came to the conclusion as of this writing that I’m living that success I was always chasing. That I was always working for. And all this stuff is cool, yes. But I have my health and my happiness and those two things matter more than everything else I just wrote about. But believe me, I know this is my life now. And I am appreciating everything and everyone that comes with it.

Whether T-blawg blows up some more. Whether the book pops and leads to other books. Whether the scripts get made into profitable movies. Whether the day-time job creates an even more stable life for me. Or whether I even get married and have 80 kids one day…I’m here now. I’m in that success now. No longer that Eastie kid hoping and working to reach success in life. I’m that grown man now successful in life. My time is now and I’m enjoying every single second of it. Recognize your own success. Earn it then enjoy it. That’s my advice to end this.


“I wish for you a hundred years of success, but it’s MY time.” Jay-Z


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