T-pisode 306: Not Gentlemanly

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Maybe I should start using “LQL” instead of my very sarcastic and annoying “LOLz” in posts, texts & comments? NAH! LOLzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
Maybe I should start using “LQL” instead of my very sarcastic and annoying “LOLz” in posts, texts & comments? NAH! LOLzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!


*I feel like I haven’t been doing a lot of lists lately so I want to make up for that right now. For the next 4 weeks actually. For T-pisodes 306-309 and the Mondays of 4/11-5/2, I am going old school with some of my infamous lists like only I can. Original, funny and honest. Oh… And I’ll even stay away from using my awesome ‘gram pics up top and use some good ol’ fashioned memes for these lists too!


First things first with these lists… I’m going at the dudes who wrongly believe that they are gentlemen or purposely portray themselves falsely as gentlemen. I don’t like it. So I identified some things that can help these so-called “gentlemen” possibly become real gentlemen one day and to also help women when dealing with these not so “gentlemanly” gentlemen. Ready? Les go!


Posting memes and quotes to either throw digs at your ex or to try to win them back when they have moved on to bigger and better men…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Making a woman pay for ANYTHING on a date…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Not telling a woman that she is beautiful both inside and out every chance you get…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Constantly trying to approach women either through DMs, texts or comments pressuring them to get a “like” or attention out of them like a middle school child…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Cheating on your girl/fiancé/wife in any way, shape or form…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Making a woman cry just because you know how to push those buttons that make her cry just to feel better about yourself…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Raising your voice instead of calming her down…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Not knowing that all the money and gifts in the world don’t compare to the attention you give her and the smiles you put on her face…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Not realizing that the little things mean just as much as the big things. Sometimes more…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Not giving her flowers on her birthday and or giving them for no reason whatsoever like because it’s a Tuesday…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Not respecting her privacy and freedom…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Never asking her what she wants out of life and what you can do to better understand and support her…NOT GENTLEMANLY

If one of her favorite songs comes on and you stop her from raising the volume to sing along…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Badmouthing her best friends…NOT GENTLEMANLY

If she makes you a better man and you don’t tell her that because your pride won’t let you…NOT GENTLEMANLY

If you don’t defend her, protect her and help her when she needs it every SINGLE time…NOT GENTLEMANLY


Shaping the relationship so it is only beneficial to you…NOT GENTLEMANLY

Doing everything you possibly can to convince her that you are a gentleman when you know damn well that you are not…NOT GENTLEMANLY


And there it is. I can write this list for days fellas. But this is a good start. So now, go be better gentlemen. You’re welcome.


Until next time. Always take it there.