T-pisode 307: Basically Basic

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These throwback lists are letting me bring back some of my favorite throwback memes! The “Toy Story Something Everywhere” meme will never be not funny to me. NEVER!
These throwback lists are letting me bring back some of my favorite throwback memes! The “Toy Story Something Everywhere” meme will never be not funny to me. NEVER!


*I feel like I haven’t been doing a lot of lists lately so I want to make up for that right now. For the next 4 weeks actually. For T-pisodes 306-309 and the Mondays of 4/11-5/2, I am going old school with some of my infamous lists like only I can. Original, funny and honest. Oh… And I’ll even stay away from using my awesome ‘gram pics up top and use some good ol’ fashioned memes for these lists too!


Ok so “basic” is a part of the everyday vernacular now, huh? Alright, I’ll allow it. Unlike “bae” or “fleek” or “it’s lit” I’ll accept this one from the millennial generation…for now. However, even though the definition is more along the lines of people being simple or stupid, I’m putting MY take on it. I’m going more with people kind of being annoying and pretty much being very unoriginal. And I’m seeing a lot of it, basically. See what I just did there? Anyway, here’s what I’m calling basically basic.


Man I don’t even know how this happened but so many women are obsessed with these three foods! All I see is how much they love quinoa, kale and ESPECIALLY avocados! WHY?! Do you not know about all the other healthy foods out there or something??? No? I never even heard of quinoa until like a year ago yo. So these are…BASICALLY BASIC

Bye Felicia
Hey millennial women…yeah so you didn’t invent this stupid saying. It actually comes from my Gen-X generation and from a little movie called “Friday” when Ice Cube was Ice Cube and not the Ice Cube kind of Ice Cube you know. Wait, what? Either way, “Bye Felicia” is…BASICALLY BASIC

Stop it. No one NEEDS their Starbucks to get it through the day. You just like saying you NEED your Starbucks to get through the day! And you love seeing your name on those dopey cups. Starbucks is…BASICALLY BASIC

I’m all about fitness but you know there are like 10,000 other physical activities people are doing everyday that they don’t let the rest of the world know that they are doing everyday like you crazy ass yoga people, right? Just saying. Yoga is now…BASICALLY BASIC

Adding fit to your social media name
Speaking of fitness… Going to said yoga class once and eating said avocado twice does not make you a social media fitness expert. No seriously, it really doesn’t. So please don’t add “fit” to your social media name and try to give out half ass advice while on your so-called magical fitness “journey” ok? Thank you. Because adding “fit” to your name is…BASICALLY BASIC

Gym Mirror Selfies
Also, no one needs to see your full body gym mirror selfie on that one day you make it to the gym in the early morning trying to convince everyone else that you are there everyday at that time but we all know damn well you’re only going once a month to take that silly ass pic because guess what? We can tell. How? You guessed it! By looking at you in your full body gym mirror selfie!!! LOLz. Gym mirror selfies are…BASICALLY BASIC

Sharp Path Long Hair on Top, Shaved Short on Sides Haircuts
Is this still a thing??? Fellas, come onnnn. They are now and have been and always will be…BASICALLY BASIC

Several Pairs of Sneakers & Matching Snapbacks
No. Just no. Because…BASICALLY BASIC

Couple holding hands but one of them is cropped out while the other is looking back smiling pics
What is this nonsense??? I see it a lot. TOO MUCH actually! I want to push you both off a damn cliff. It’s so stupid. End this already because it’s…BASICALLY BASIC

Snapchat car monologues & sing alongs
Yeah why would you think anyone wants to hear you talk to yourself or sing along in your car by yourself for like 200 seconds? Rethink this one, please. Because it’s not cute. Thank you. It’s…BASICALLY BASIC

Golden State Warriors/Carolina Panthers Fans
The fan base for both these teams didn’t exist until last year. Why? Because these teams didn’t start to win anything meaningful until last year. Warriors and Panthers fans are the millennial generation/new age Pink Hatters. You all are suspect!!! And SO fake. LOLzzzz. Get outta here. You are all…BASICALLY BASIC

“’Something something is happening’ but you can’t even get a text back” and “Get you a girl/guy who can do both” memes
I love memes but these memes are stupid and I see them too often. You need to step up your meme game millennials because these memes are…BASICALLY BASIC


So there you have it. Too many people both women and men, both young and old are WAY too basic these days. Avoid doing the things on this list and basically YOU too can stop being basic! And watch this video below if you took this list way TOO seriously. You’re welcome.


Until next time. Always take it there.