T-pisode 318: Keys To Happiness Part 4: F*ck Normal

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I still live in the city because living in the city and seeing sunsets over the CITGO sign near Fenway Park make me happy. And you don't get to see this in the suburbs everyday.
I still live in the city because living in the city and seeing sunsets over the CITGO sign near Fenway Park make me happy. And you don’t get to see this in the suburbs everyday like I do.


*There is just too much hate & sadness going on in the world today so I’ve decided to do a 5-part T-pisode series about my own personal keys to happiness in this crazy thing we call life.


I’ve gone on record here several times about how my life isn’t normal. SEVERAL. I have gone on and on about not settling…why I don’t care about what other people my age are doing…why I’m not living in the suburbs and drinking beer in front of the TV and battling with my wife after my 9-5 job until the kids go to bed…why annual Disney vacations aren’t appealing to me…why I’m covered in ink while having a kick ass corporate America day job gig…why I write scripts and get on movie sets..why I travel the world every chance I get…why I do mud races that electrocute me…how I still can date girls almost half my age…why I KNOW I created the hat low thing…why I still come here every Monday…BECAUSE my life isn’t normal! And I love it. I LOVE it.

The definition of normal to me is everything that is opposite of what makes me happy in my life. To me it isn’t even average. Normal is below average. It is sub par. It is boring. It isn’t entertaining. When you live your life with the motto “Live a life that always gives you a story to tell” then you tend to go against the grain. And I’m telling you one more time that you should say “F*ck Normal” and try to achieve a life that is anything but normal. I can’t tell you what to do or how to live your life but let’s not bullshit here. You know damn well whether or not your life is normal. Boring. Whether it leaves you with an unfulfilled feeling almost daily. You know what makes you happy. You know the difference between normal and exciting. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Married or single. It doesn’t have to be normal. Life isn’t a TV show or a romantic comedy that has the same formula ending every single time. Life should be full of adventures. Full of people who you come across in your path and whether good or bad they keep moving you along in life! Staying still, living the norm will not get you that. It is ok to not be normal! When I’m around anyone…ANYONE…they know I’m going to tell one hell of a story. Maybe two or a hundred. They know I’m going to speak my mind and shock them. Entertain them. Make them laugh. Make them feel something. Why? Because living a life that is anything but normal has given me that ability. It has given me complete and total happiness as well. Am I completely fulfilled? No. Not yet. But I am happy. Because I am not normal.

F*ck normal. And f*ck everyone and everything that tries to make you normal like them. You don’t need those people or things in your life. DO NOT let them deflect on to you the things they never had the balls to do or go out and achieve themselves. Don’t let their unhappiness seep into your life and destroy your happiness. I’m not saying that they’re bad people for being normal. I’m saying you’re a bad person if you let someone else make you normal if you don’t want to be. It’s ok to not be normal. It’s ok to say “f*ck normal.” It’s OK to be happy.


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