T-pisode 396: Sunday Dinner

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T-pisode 396
Sundays in the fall in Boston to me are all about the Patriots, early morning movies, strolls to look at city foliage like this and Sunday dinner with my parents.


Everyone knows that Italian families eat and enjoy Sunday dinner together. A tradition that I have had in my family since I was a little kid where we would all eat over our grandparents’ house rotating every Sunday between my mother’s and father’s parents respectively. Tons of Italian cousins included. That tradition sort of changed with grandparents and other relatives passing away and others getting married having kids of their own and moving to different places. Today, my weekly Sunday tradition is a mix of picking up my prepped meals for the week, getting a work out in, seeing the latest movies out, then going over my parents’ house about every other week for late afternoon dinner. We shoot the shit about life, family gossip, what’s going on in my life and the little things that parents seem to blow way out of proportion happening in their lives. With recent health issues with my mom and both my parents getting older I tend to appreciate the time with them on Sundays a lot more now. Even if I’m stressed out 99% of the time I’m with them! I learned a long time ago to carefully pick and choose what I share with my parents to keep our conversations as stress free as possible but I pretty much fail at that every Sunday. But I keep coming back for more! And it’s worth it. I’m still not sure what my own family plans will turn out to be someday but I do plan to keep Sunday dinner as a tradition in one form or another. Family and family bonds need to be nurtured or else they fall apart. I learned that the hard way in other relationship areas in my life in recent years. Plus, my mother still makes those old school meatballs and my father finds Italian bread I can’t get anywhere living in the city!



Until next time. Always take it there.


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