T-pisode 320: WTF?!

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This is the last pic I took before all the fucking insanity was unleashed into the world and flipped it upside down.
This is the last pic I took before all the fucking insanity was unleashed into the world and flipped it upside down.


This is going to be one of those impromptu kind of pissed off no holds barred T-pisodes that put T-blawg on the map circa 2009-2012. Why? Well of course I’m going to tell you why. I planned on writing a new batch of T-pisodes this weekend. Lately I have written them in blocks of five. Like I did with my 5-part “Keys To Happiness” series after the Orlando shooting. I had a T-pisode in mind for today about the nonsense that caused my last dating relationship to end. I had a couple of possible sequels ready to go too. I even had an “Eastie Boys Reunion” one I was going to write. But instead, the world went fucking nuts right before my vacation to London & Paris and then went even more nuts while I was on vacation and is going more, MORE nuts as I write this.

WHAT…THE…FUUUUCK??? I have steered away from politics, religion, race issues and their likeness for most of the life of T-blawg. But not today. No way, son. I’m letting it fucking rip. Click away now if your sensitive ass isn’t ready for bad boy T’s return. The gentleman took today off. You ready? In the last six weeks the WHOLE world suffered. The WHOLE world. The Orlando shooting to the shooting deaths of two black men to the shootings of police officers in Dallas to the tragedy in Nice, France to the craziness that is happening now in Turkey. This has caused people to react in many ways. Mostly like assholes in my opinion. I know assholes. I grew up an asshole surrounded by even bigger assholes. But not like this. I never hated someone because of their race. Their religion. Their sexuality. This is a different type of asshole. The kind where people are selecting from issues that only matter to them. The kind of hate and assholeness that is dividing the world even more. People want to point fingers at Obama. People want to point fingers at all young black men. People want to point fingers at all cops. People want to say that an attention hungry, insane businessman and reality show star Donald Trump will fix things without any political experience or a realistic platform. People are saying a lot of crazy and stupid shit on social media and on the news adding more fuel to the fires lit across the globe. You can’t choose when it comes to things like this. You can’t pick and choose which tragedy or issue makes you upset over another tragedy or issue. Fuck #ANYKINDOFLIVESMATTER bullshit. The whole world is going down the toilet and a lot of us are doing the flushing. Are you all insane?! People are dying because they’re black. Because they’re gay. Because they’re cops. Because religious extremists are distorting religions as a reason to kill. People are dying because there are the kind of guns out there in the streets that shouldn’t be in the hands of regular citizens. People are dying because there are people out there filled with so much hate and finding ways to kill others even without guns…without bombs…without war. This is the world we live in now?

You’re not an asshole because you are white or black. You’re not an asshole because you’re a cop. You’re not an asshole because you are gay. You’re not an asshole because of you’re religion. You’re an asshole because you’re an asshole. You’re an asshole first and your skin color, sexuality, occupation, tax-bracket and religion are all a distant fucking second. Stop using all of that as a reason for being an asshole. For a reason to hate. We all need to smarten the fuck up. It’s 2016. We should be progressing instead of rapidly regressing. Shit. And as much as I teased the shit out of people for playing Pokemon Go this past week, when I left the office and walked past a popular Boston landmark every day after work I saw people of every race, color and religion having fun with that silly game. Together. Smiling and chasing those little stupid invisible things. Don’t tell me this world can’t be saved. There are still good people in this world. There is still a lot of good. I truly believe that. It’s just a little harder to see or find right now. So try being good more, people. For humanity. For all of us. What the fuck…


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