T-pisode 322: One Hell of a Woman

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Only person in T-blawg’s almost 7-year history to do the “T-blawg Pose” without the traditional style baseball hat and tip of the brim salute! Yeah…she special.
Only person in T-blawg’s almost 7-year history to do the “T-blawg Pose” without the traditional style baseball hat and tip of the brim salute! Yeah…she’s special.


T-blawg is made up of everything that makes me…me. A big part of my life is the small inner circle that I have written about several times here over the years. The circle has become smaller but the majority of the people in it have been a part of my life for decades. I can’t think of many people who have come along in the last 6 years and immediately found a place in that circle. In my life. In my heart. But one person in particular comes to mind and she has just hit one hell of a milestone birthday. So I’m going to do one of my birthday tributes as best I can for her…

I started a contract job back on Thanksgiving week 2010 and it would later become the best “long-term & full-time” move of my “daytime” career. A few weeks later around the week of New Year’s Eve 2010, she started. NOW, my kryptonite as far as women go is well documented here. That week I happen to walk by her cube and I see her…the dark hair and the blue eyes. “Son of a bitch” I thought. It only took a matter of hours before we struck up a conversation in the kitchen. We would spend the next year on the same floor getting to know each other and the rest became history… Over the years I can’t think of anyone I “talk” to, AKA text a hundred times a day more than her. We make each other laugh daily. Bust each other’s chops all the time. Have the same taste in TV shows. Love sushi. Enjoy traveling the world. Work in the same damn industry. And probably both will be “forever single” haha. We give each other advice when we’re dating. Go to each other when we’re hurting. Know when we need to hear some hard truth from one another. And honestly, I can’t help but compare every girl I have dated to her because she is the standard and raised the bar for all women out there that I come across in my life now. A couple of years ago she faced a tough time and when I went to see her in the hospital she asked ME how I was doing. I was going through a “mini” health problem with my arm and going through a tough break-up. She asked how MY mother was doing with her health. Here she was in the hospital and was more concerned about me and my well-being than any woman I had ever dated in my life. It was tough seeing her like that but I got to see just how damn strong she really was by overcoming everything that she did not deserve to suffer through. But she is one of the strongest people I know and now forever will be one of the most important people in my life.

For years it was tough for me to have female friends. Let alone attractive as all holy hell female friends who have no problem putting me in my place when I need it. So I am very lucky to have her in my life. And on this special birthday I have to let you know that you are my bestie…my favorite “meme” person…my real life better looking than Mila Kunis pal…my plus one…my sushi day date…my “hoeing” tendency correcting…broomstick witchy…little confused stuffed white monkey texting…favorite post-it leaving and I’ll never remove from my computer screen…will never stop flirting with you…I can’t wait until “Game Of Thrones” starts again…person that you are!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And you got your own T-pisode, honey ;).


Until next time. Always take it there.