T-pisode 324: Dating T

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I promise you this, if you date me you can have any dessert you like but I’ll be getting a port. Preferably a 20 to 30 year tawny. *Pic shown from an actual date. LOLzzzzz.
I promise you this, if you date me you can have any dessert you like but I’ll be getting a port. Preferably a 20 to 30 year tawny. *Pic shown from an actual date. LOLzzzzz.


Dating. Without a doubt one of my fortes. Am I good at dating? You bet your sweet ass I am. Do I enjoy dating? I sure do. Is there a difference between dating and hooking up? Without a doubt. Am I good at relationships? Honestly? Depends on whom you ask. There are a select few who will give you different opinions on that. Both good and bad. But my take is that I’m not good at relationships. I try. God knows I try. And I’m getting better. I know that. Today though I am here to talk about what it is like dating me. Why? Because I’ve told so many dating stories shaped by the women I’ve dated and my experiences with them. Today I’m going to give my point of view on what it is like dating me.

This isn’t about hooking up. I’m not getting into my past relationships today. I’m not putting any specific women AKA “The Famous Nameless” on blast this Monday. No. I want to get on wax as they used to say in hip hop, a digital recording of what it is like to date me. How I date. How I woo. The wine & dine. First and foremost, I’m a gentleman. I like calling the woman. I enjoy opening the door. Pulling out the chair. I have no problem taking her on a trip. To a museum. I’m a member to several. I love art. I know it. I can talk it. I appreciate it. I appreciate her. I’ll take her to Paris. Because I can and I want to. I like long walks talking and laughing about everything through the streets of Boston. Through the Public Garden. Through the Commons. Through the Comm Ave. Mall. I know Boston better than anyone. ANYONE. I enjoy a good restaurant. A good meal. I don’t need to save for dates or count my dollars. Because I work hard and make a good living. I’m blessed like that. Therefore whoever dates me is also blessed in ways. I said earlier I appreciate her. I also said I am a gentleman. But if I don’t feel appreciated back, then the dating stops. Just like that. I like to laugh and I like to talk. There WILL be a lot of laughing and a lot of talking on my dates. I also like to listen. Especially to the ones that have something to say. When I date, I don’t break eye contact. You have my attention. I try my best to keep my phone in my pocket but if I open up to you then you will know that I am both a busy and an important man so the phone may come out on the occasion. But rest assure, I will politely apologize if I have to take it out. One thing I really enjoy is dating to her needs. Her wants. I WILL pay attention when she tells me her favorite food, restaurant, dessert, wine, ice cream, parts of Boston… Then I will do my best to incorporate all of those into our dates. I date to please. I don’t apologize for that. It’s a part of the wooing. The wine & dine. Good, bad or ugly… I always pay. For everything. EVERYTHING. The man is supposed to pay. You can save that equality shit for other things honey or for the young, broke dudes. A grown man pays for every part of the date. In the early stages, middle stages and the long runs. That’s dating. Dating is supposed to be fun. Enjoyed. The woman should be spoiled but not too much and not too soon. Not to the point where she stops appreciating you. That’s when she starts to check out. That’s when the chemistry sometimes goes away and turns into math. Like high school. By math I mean, now you’re counting. Not the money spent on the dates but counting the times you were “supposed to see each other”…”supposed to call”….”supposed to text back”…”supposed to ‘like’ her pic”… Dating is not counting. Dating is not keeping score. Dating is not forgetting to communicate. Dating is not assuming. Dating is not speculating on what you see and do not see on social media. When any of that happens, it sucks. It really does. Dating is NOT supposed to suck. And dating T is supposed to be special for both me and for her. So when the “special” stops then dating me stops. Just…like…that.

Like I said, I love dating. I enjoy dating. I love to flirt. I love to laugh. I love to have sex. I love to enjoy the city. I love to eat. I love to go to games. I love that I can afford a good life. I love women. And I’ll keep dating and doing all these things I have written about today until I only want to date just one last woman. And then that’s when SHE and only she gets all my attention and she gets everything else that comes along with me. And not just the dates. There is more than the dates. Oh trust me there is. But that’s for another day. Now you know what it is like dating T.


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