T-pisode 332: Let’s Make America T Again! Part 2

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Honest Abe? Honest T? Honesty. See what I did there? Oh yeah you did. Read below for some real honest shit. You’ve been warned.
Honest Abe? Honest T? Honesty. See what I did there? Oh yeah you did. Read below for some real honest shit. You’ve been warned.


First things first… This country has done gone soft. Everyone is SO damn sensitive. Everyone likes to complain about their favorite TV show killing off their favorite character… About how bread and everything fucking gluten is bad for you… Everyone wants to ”protest” every little thing they don’t agree with… Tweet their feelings out across the world… Share memes that they “can totally relate to” because some stranger threw some weak R&B song lyrics on a pic… Yeah, I fucking said it. You can’t say shit about shit without someone disagreeing with you because they are a keyboard tough guy on the internet but a lil’ bitch in person who won’t say shit in real life because they fear a punch to the mouth. But then again…too many people are doing just that…punching each other in the mouth. And doing way worse than that to each other. Wait, what?

While there is that half of America that is oversensitive there is also that other half that just isn’t sensitive enough. It’s almost 2017 and let’s face it people, we’re still very fucking racist. Very fucking sexist. Very fucking insensitive. While a large chunk of the population can give it but can’t take it there is that other part that just doesn’t care at all. In a world that is so quick to throw around phrases like “White Privilege” and “#BlackLivesMatter” and “Did you just assume my gender?” and call everyone that isn’t “your” religion a “terrorist” or say that every religion you don’t understand is “ISIS” makes no sense at all you ignorant and stupid bastards. Ignorance is bliss, shall I go on? Oh yes, I shall. How are you going to say that some police officers aren’t racist? How are you going to say that every cop is racist and takes to the street with the intent to kill instead of the intent to protect & serve? That just because you believe in one God and someone else believes in another God or no God at all that you are right and they are wrong? Just because you don’t understand how a man born with a penis identifies himself and relates more to women than men doesn’t mean that person is less of a person than you. Do you know what the real problem is here? Education. That’s right. Both text-book and common sense in life. A big chunk of this country’s population refuses to learn about anything different from their own skin color…their own religion…their own sexuality…their own neighborhood…their own household…their own family…their own political party’s beliefs. That’s right. I’ve written on here before about “the world you know” where you are mostly concerned about what is only happening to you. About what is right in front of you. About your own little world. It doesn’t make someone a bad person necessarily but it does stop you from seeing the rest of the world. From having an understanding about something that isn’t your “normal” but may be normal for someone else. WE need to get better at educating ourselves. WE need to get better at offering better teachers, better books, better schools, better opportunities. WE need to stop being oversensitive about the dumb little shit that means next to nothing and start becoming more sensitive to the big picture things that actually impact all of us or else we’re fucked as a country. We’re fucked as ONE country. As ONE People. As ONE world.

I think we need to be more honest with each other. I think we need leaders who aren’t afraid to say what I just put into words. I think we need more people in our government buildings in positions of power with large balls and strong vaginas. Whether they were born with them or had doctors make them for them. I really do. Speak honestly and lead I say. Somehow with this presidential election it became one big embarrassing reality show. One big real life unfunny fucking meme. We did this to ourselves. Yes we did. And now we need to fix it. The next four years we’re either going to point fingers at each other, at the White House, at people we don’t fully understand or consider normal and fuck ourselves even more OR we’re going to finally step up and make the changes that need to be made. For us all.


Until next time. Always take it there.