T-pisode 333: Let’s Make America T Again! Part 3

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Whether it’s Obama or Trump, one of them should invite me over soon for a Patriots game and I’ll drop mad knowledge on their ass over some whiskey & gingers and some good football watching. Just saying.
Whether it’s Obama or Trump, one of them should invite me over soon for a Patriots game and I’ll drop mad knowledge on their ass over some whiskey & gingers and some good football watching. Just saying.


I’m using this T-pisode in the series to air out some beefs… First, yes it has been very clear for a few presidential elections now that the electoral vote over the popular vote is outdated as all holy fuck. It isn’t the year 1804 anymore and YES it is time to make a change to the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Second, we need more options than the two major political parties. Yes, I know there are other major parties than the Republicans & Democrats and a shit ton of minor parties, but let’s face it, it always comes down to these two parties and that needs to change. Because both the Republicans & Democrats can’t get their heads out of their own asses or each other’s asses anymore to bring the change this country needs over the needs of their own party’s need to win. Am I wrong? No, I am not.

Finally, I need to light up ALL three of the so-called “generational” groups living, eating, working, fucking, complaining, protesting, succeeding, failing AND voting in my country. The Baby Boomers, Generation-X and the Millennials. Now I’m going to go at all the people in these groups who have embraced the stereotypes given to them. Because my parents are definitely Baby Boomers. I am technically on that Gen-X/Millennial cusp but I relate more to the morals and work ethic of the Gen-Xers and I somewhat relate to the education & tech levels of the Millennials. Baby Boomers used to be known as a group who rejected traditional values. Now? They can’t think past their own personal views on anything. They live in their own “one view” world and their outdated time has come. They are being phased out & aged out and that is good for all of us. That is good for the U.S. It is needed. Sorry, Ma! To my Gen-X peers, most of you who were rebellious bad asses & brooding youths growing up on the 80s & 90s have now become soft and helped create a generation of even softer children who love to whine all day. You think parenting is giving your kid an iPad to babysit themselves while catching up on your DVR all night and making several Whole Foods runs each weekend then throwing the kids in the car to drive down to Disney once a year is the “ideal” modern family. Seriously? You do work hard. You do make money. I’ll give you all that. But somewhere along the line most of you have lost your way. You need to find that inner bad-ass teenager from the 90s that made you rebel against the norm back then and challenge “the system” again before it’s too late! OR ELSE you may be a Millennial. Ah yes, the Millennials. The “we want to work as little as possible but get paid the most and like to think we work hard but really don’t because all we do is fuck around on social media all day and think ‘hooking up’ in between Netflix seasons is what a normal relationship is in 2016” generation. Oh…and if we disagree with anyone or anything we’ll passive aggressively send off one hell of an ambiguous text, tweet or email in “protest” on our way to Starbucks! Right? That’s sad. The Millennials are some of the most intelligent and passionate people I know but your laziness is fucking things up more than you know. You have no direction. No goals. You ALL need to put more heart, blood, sweat and tears into your lives and into everything you love or else YOUR future and MY future are both fucked.

Here’s what I just said people… We all need more options. We all need to have more “skin” in the game. We all need to be more passionate about everything that makes this country progress on every level. We all need to be more active upfront and not after the fact. We can’t wait for someone to come along and magically change things overnight so we’re all working, making money, have nice homes and living life IN love with our favorite fucking celebrity spitting out these genius future generation babies!!! Are you nuts?! That would be SO cool though but that’s not going to happen. We all need to start making a difference. I know I just burst many of your bubbles. Including my own. But it had to be said. We all know what the problem(s) is/are. Someone just had to point your sensitive puppy nose in the shit on the rug like I just did! Now let’s all start making things better. Who is WITH me???


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