T-pisode 342: The Recap

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Things are looking up. It’s sometimes cloudy but things are always looking up for me now. Get it?! Yeah…you do. I’m back.


Damn it feels good to be back! First, let me apologize for these short breaks that I seem to be taking from here more and more often. I was extremely content at hitting my 5-year goal of 260 consecutive Mondays back in December 2014 when I thought I was retiring T-blawg. Then obviously I pulled some epic Michael Jordan slash Jay-Z boss shit and came out of early retirement because I still had a lot to say. And now I’m over here approaching my “Four Decades of Dominance” era like the GOAT himself Tom “Fuckin’” Brady. But my life has changed and I am a different man so there will be more breaks here and there. My bad yo. But not really.

Since I last sat in front of my Mac and banged out a bunch of T-pisodes waaaay back in December of last year, a lot has happened in both my world and in the real world. Holidays came and went. That’s what she said. I went on some dating adventures that inadvertently led to another one of my dating sabbaticals. Fucking more dating stories??? I know. LOLz. I also broke one of my own rules and went back on a younger dating/T-blawg groupie fun spree like an idiot. Donald Trump has caused utter chaos in his first couple of months in office. My corporate America career has gone through some interesting positive twists and turns. The T-blawg book is on its most solid draft to date at number 18. I am approaching the end of being in my 30s which has totally raised my Grown Man Shit motto to epic proportions barring the occasional typical guy mistake here and there. Had some health scares that got a fella thinking (*insert thinking emoji here) more than usual that is. Did a little analysis of existing close relationships with friends and family that have made me pull back into my way of life even more as of late. MY beloved New England Patriots won the Super Bowl even with Tom “Fuckin’” Brady suspended the first four games of the season!!! All things I will share my thoughts, opinions, philosophies and perspectives on here in upcoming T-pisodes. And oh yeah…I did a complete overhaul of this site and you are now looking at an all-new T-blawg! I mean the mobile version pretty much looks the same but if you come here on a computer every Monday then you just got your fuckin’ mind blown from all this new awesomeness right?!?!

Between now and the end of the year you all will see two glaring overarching themes here on T-blawg…the next evolution of Grown Man Shit and my Four Decades of Dominance. Comparing how I write T-blawg now to when I started back in 2009 will show the world one hell of a fucking timeline that will leave another one of my famous dings on this planet. I’m pulling no punches. It will be me at the top of my game delivering views and having a way with words like only I can. And I’m also going to write some sequels to some of my most famous and favorite T-pisodes that will be fun to read from my perspective on life today. And oh yeah…there WILL be a “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 4” before 2017 ends. Get ready party people…T is back!


Until next time. Always take it there.