Doesn’t feel write… not a typo

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It’s 10:45PM. BOSTON time. Monday, January 30th 2017.

I have the next 9 T-pisodes written. They were all queued up and ready to go. 342-350. I have debated all weekend on whether or not to push the button and post today but I couldn’t do it.

I started T-blawg to give my take on the world. Entertain and share through my point of view. I have always written here through my voice. The same way I would speak to my closest friend. And I don’t want to take T-blawg down the road where everyone else seems to be going. Myself included. Everyone is heated. Everyone has opinions. Everyone is taking a side. I refuse to do that here. I also feel that I can’t post my usual stuff while the world is going crazy off of here.

I’m putting the pause button on T-blawg. At least for the next few weeks. I don’t think things will go back to normal in the world but I plan to get T-blawg back to normal. Or I may just put those queued up T-pisodes further on hold and address the world as we currently know it.

I’ll be back soon.


Go Patriots.

Go America.

Be good.

Be better.