T-pisode 350: A Man’s Life – Twenties

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A man in his twenties is still extremely stupid but the mistakes start to happen less and his outlook starts to become clear.


Ah yes, the roaring twenties. The stupid twenties. The learning twenties. The growing twenties. The twenties for a man are clearly divided into two halves. The early twenties of 20 to 24 and the late twenties of 25 to 29. This is when a man will make enough mistakes and still be young enough to recover from them. Mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. The twenties set a man up to become the man that he will fully shape in his thirties and beyond. But make no mistake about it, the twenties are very important for a man.

You end college in your early 20s. You become a man “legally” at 21. You later realize you are not a man at all until you make a shit ton of mistakes as you turn the corner at 25. Some men will tell you that 27 is the perfect age. I will tell you that those men still haven’t really experienced life. You haven’t seen real shit until you get out of your 20s. You haven’t really loved until you get out of your 20s. You haven’t even lived until you get out of your 20s. Your 20s are your set up years. You learn a little. You fall a lot. You get up and learn to walk over and over. Some men meet the love of their lives in their 20s but never get to find out who they are as individuals before they become a couple. Some men will disagree with me there. I will tell those men they think they know more than they actually know. Agree to disagree there fellas. As you figure out who you want to be, where you want to live, where and how you want to make a living and who you want to have sex with as opposed to who you think you want to love, this is where your late 20s start to lay the foundation you will build the rest of your life on into your 30s. You become smart in the tail end of your 20s but you won’t have real knowledge until your 30s. In your 20s you break some hearts and may get your heart broken a few times but you will later realize that none of that was real love until you hit your 30s. The 20s for a man is a mold of clay in his life. They start without any real shape then you start putting in the shapes, curves, edges and marks as life starts to harden you. To help build you into a real man. A grown man.

A man will come out of his 20s educated, experienced, damaged, stronger, better and with a solid foundation of a few stacked bricks and hopefully a few stacked dollars. Finances matter more. Family matters more. Friendships matter more. Becoming a better man starts to matter more. You want substance. Everything you say and do now has to matter as you enter your 30s. You are a grown man and you are a man who is starting to find his purpose in life. Whether on his own or with someone he loves or as a husband and father. The 30s is when a man has all his pieces on the chessboard and when he finally makes all his moves.


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