T-pisode 349: A Man’s Life – Teens

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When a boy becomes a teenager everything that he once knew flips and goes dark when puberty, teenage girls and awkwardness kick in.


When a boy enters his teenage years all types of crazy shit starts to happen to him that he doesn’t understand…at all. Things start to happen. Things start to change. Things start to…uhhh…pop up. The body you knew the first 12 to 14 years of your life is no longer that same body. Hair starts to sprout everywhere besides on your head. Pimples start to randomly sprout on your face. Growth spurts start to happen. Your voice becomes someone else’s voice basically. And you start to pay a whole lot of attention to the two things that will basically control you for the rest of your life…girls and your penis.

The early teenage years are the confusion years for a boy as he starts to develop physically into a man because he sure as hell won’t be there mentally until at least another 10-15 years. At least. A kid in your class that you haven’t seen all summer is now a foot taller than you when school starts up again. Another one of your schoolyard buddies now has a really thin but cool as shit looking mustache. And you’re over here with a squeaky voice that is kind of deep but not really with a pimple on your chin and 6 random hairs that you count daily on your newly dropped balls and 4 more under your left armpit. The fuck is going on?!?! Puberty kicks in and literally kicks you in the balls, hard. Then you notice girls. Like REALLY notice them. And you wonder why they aren’t noticing you but they really are but they’re going through their own shit too and you’re too young and confused to realize that. That weirdness and confusion catapults you all into high school where you are placed into typical high school categories and stereotypes and cliques where you see yourself as one thing and everyone sees you as another and we all try to be cool on the outside but on the inside we’re all insecure and confused as fuck. That’s what being a teenager is all about. Change. Confusion. Coming of age. Not knowing who you are and always thinking you’re different than everyone else but you are all going through the same things but don’t really know how to talk about it. The late teenage years you become more comfortable in your body. You think you’re a man now. You think you’re THE man actually! No one can tell you shit. Not your parents. Not your teachers. No one. You have balls and a penis and you are going to use them dammit! Throw in a car and a license to get laid and the teenage boy has peaked! That is until his 18 year-old comfortable bubble bursts the moment he graduates high school and enters college.

The late teenage years in a man’s life are the “attitude” years for sure. We think we know it all and then start to meet people and experience things in college that remove us from our comfort zones and start to show us how little we actually know. How little life experience we actually have. How much we don’t know about women. But the need to learn and discover is never greater in a man’s life than when he starts to fall on his ass in his twenties. And that’s where we are going next…man’s TRUE learning years.


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