T-pisode 352: A Man’s Life – Beyond

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At this point in life every man should feel like the fucking GOAT. Das it.

I want to believe that when a man gets out of his 30s and enters his 40s he’s on top of the world. I really do. Like Tom Brady, I am turning 40 years old this summer and just like the GOAT I try my hardest to become better with age. I eat as clean as possible. I work out as dirty as possible. I work as hard as I can at my career. I write as much as possible. I try to be the best friend, son, brother, uncle, godfather, Bostonian and man I can be. But I am entering the great unknown.

I don’t know a lot of men in their 40s. I know a few but none living a life that I would end up living come the next decade or so. I’m not knocking them by any means. It’s just what brought them into their 40s isn’t the same as what is bringing me into my 40s. You see, this T-pisode ends the similarities that all men share throughout their lives as far as I’m concerned because I don’t know what comes next. Sure I’ll stick to my guns and morals and beliefs that have brought me this far but the next decade of my life could go down another road. I may end up in the suburbs a single man. I may end up with the love of my life. I may become a husband to a great wife and a dad. If that is the case then I’ll fucking be the best husband and dad possible mowing big ass lawns and coaching boring ass little league games! I just don’t know. I may hit the top of the corporate America ladder or become the greatest internet writer slash author slash screenwriter to ever put on a fucking Red Sox hat. I just don’t know. I plan to see the rest of the world whether on my own or if I continue to take my loved ones with me or with the love of my life. Maybe my wife will be cool as fuck and send me nude T-blawg Pose pics this decade. Maybe I’ll tell my evil son how his dad once had front row end zone season tickets for the Patriots and watched the greatest quarterback to ever play the game make history. Maybe someone I haven’t even met yet will walk into my life and change everything about what I thought I always wanted. Maybe… but I just don’t know.

I’m excited about entering my 40s. I’m nervous about entering my 40s. I hardly write about the future. I am known to reflect on the past here and share my opinions about things that are currently happening to me. Foreshadowing and forecasting are new ground here on T-blawg. So what comes next for men after their 30s? What comes next for me? For T-blawg? I just don’t know. But I’m about to find the fuck out. And just like that, that’s the end of this 5-part series. Next week I’m starting another sequel kick!


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