T-pisode 353: Uncle T III

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My nephew will walk through life knowing that the GOAT of uncles has given him the gifts of womanly knowledge, the art of telling a good joke and how to rock a hat & beard combo like no other!


As my oldest niece graduates high school and enters college…damn I’m getting old as shit…I thought it would be a nice time to write another T-pisode about being the GREATEST UNCLE TO EVER LIVE!!! That’s right. I have spent the last 18 years redefining and perfecting what an uncle should be. In 2011, I dropped MY rules of being a great uncle. Then in 2013, I followed it up with my relationship with each of my 6 nieces, nephews, slash godchildren. Today I’m writing about where the GOAT of uncles goes from here.

I’ve gone from making these kids laugh and taking them out for pizza and movies while letting them stay up late playing UNO and other games to insanely good concert tickets and trips to Europe! I am giving driving lessons. Advice on college life and how to help them shape their futures to fine dining in Boston and visiting art museums. Each of them are still my heart and while they’re growing up and living their own little lives while I’m getting busier in my life, it’s harder to spend as much time with them. The younger ones are still in school but their parents rightfully fill their time with so many activities. I make sure to text my oldest nieces memes and silly jokes almost everyday to make them laugh and stay in touch. I make sure to ask all their parents when their next event is or what I can get them for their upcoming birthday or holiday every chance I get. But they’re growing up so damn fast. I feel like I have to work extra hard sometimes to make sure they don’t forget their crazy uncle is still there for them when they need him. It has been amazing watching all 6 of them grow up. And I see a bit of myself in all of them so that makes me smile. I do find it harder to get pics with them now too because I want to respect their teenage temperaments. The little ones still love pics though! Especially when I bust open Snapchat filters. My relationship with each of them is evolving as they grow though and that’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Maybe the next chapter in these uncle T-pisodes will involve college graduations and how some of them are now built-in babysitters to my kids and how they tell my kids about how cool their dad was as an uncle to them when they were little. I don’t know. But I do know that I still love being an uncle and I still love sharing my uncle tales and philosophies on here as a part of T-blawg. Until “Uncle T IV”…


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