T-pisode 372: Millennial Gap

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T-pisode 372
I now cross the fucking street whenever I see an attractive, single, millennial girl coming towards me. Fuck that!

I truly believe that I’m a good mix of Gen-X and Gen-Y. But I am NOT anything fucking millennial. Now I don’t need to attack the millennials today. I know they get their asses handed to them. And most likely they’ll cry. Passive aggressively and shit. Unlike my generation who would whoop someone’s ass. But that is frowned upon these days. Shit…a lot is frowned upon these days. Anyway… As I date here and there and not even as close to as often as I once did, I have had some weird and almost pointless dating experiences with some millennial women. Why? Cause clearly there is a fucking gap between me and them! Didn’t you read the title up top??? And I’m not just talking age. But in recent memory, the “millennial” women I have dated over the last 5 years have been weird as shit. Anywhere from psychotic breakdowns. Lots of crying. They drink a lot. They do a lot of drugs. They think they’re “artsy” for some fucking reason. They tend to think going to two gym classes a month is working out. They don’t like going out in public on dates. They are attached to their phones. And the amount of times they use “lit” and “low key” in texts and in annoying FaceTime conversations makes me think they should all seek psychiatric help immediately. And one other “high” key not “low” key thing that no one is talking about when dealing…uhhh….dating millennial women…is that they ALL have fucking daddy issues. Holy shit they do. Look, I have had my fair share of father issues. Like honey, my dad was in prison and came out and gambled and did absolutely nothing for me or my mother or my sister. Oh…and he destroyed my credit…while I was in college…and needed money for school. Those are legit “daddy” issues. But these millennial women tend to blow things out of proportion and relationships with some family members are extremely traumatic to them for some reason! And I no longer want to understand them or date them or even help them. I don’t. They’re on their fucking own. I’m back to dating women my own age who are divorced with kids and have other types of crazy fucking issues. LOLz. So I just closed the millennial gap. So good luck to everyone else fucking with that weird ass generation!!!


Is it a generation gap when it comes to these dating problems? Or is it more on the people involved and how they handle things with a level of maturity?



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