T-pisode 371: The 50/50

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T-pisode 371
I didn’t COMPROMISE on this shot because I had this FEELING it would be amazing. See what I did there? No? Well read below! Shit.


This is kind of…sort of…an indirect sequel or spinoff of my “The 60/40” T-pisode from last year. Where I wrote about how in most relationships someone gives more than the other. Hence one gives 60% and the other only gives 40% to make up 100% of a fucked up, sure to eventually end in either a breakup, a divorce or possibly mass deaths. So “The 50/50” isn’t really a percent thing. HEY, this ain’t fucking math class poindexter, it’s T-blawg. “The 50/50” is where BOTH people in the relationship have to BOTH give two things. No not money and oral sex. It’s compromise and feelings. Das right. In order for a relationship to be successful, happy and long-lasting for both people, each of them has to have the right amount of feelings for the other and also know how and why compromise is important. I’m not explaining feelings here today. You are all adults and should know damn well you both need to have the same amount of feelings for each other, otherwise go fucking back and read “The 60/40” again! So I’m focusing on compromise. Which is basically knowing when to give in. When not to give in. When to fight. When to let them win. If you CANNOT find a way to both do the things you like…go to the places you both like…eat what you both like…watch the fucking TV shows you both like…then you’re not going to last. Because your dumb asses don’t know how to compromise. You may have feelings but not enough to know how and when to compromise. See what I did there? I’m a genius. Now either stop cheating on each other with your secret “social media” lovers and go to marriage counseling or just end it already. That’s your final compromise. Until court. That shit will cost you money and your kids WILL hate one of you. LOLz.


Is it that black & white? Just finding that balance between compromise and feelings or no? Prolly not.



Until next time. Always take it there.