T-pisode 374: The “Nutso” Factor

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T-pisode 374
If she’s good looking on the outside but still comes off moody and gloomy as fuck on the inside without warning…almost like this picture…run fella. And don’t stop running.


Going old school T-blawg style on this one people…

Here’s something I’m honestly so fucking dumbfounded by at the all-knowing and all-powerful age of 40. And that is, I still don’t know what it is that crawls up the ass of some women and makes them go from all happy and shit to all nuts and shit. I really don’t! Yes, each woman is unique and different and special and blah blah blah and shit but they all have that one common factor…the “nutso” factor. WHY??? Why can you be an intelligent, interesting, successful, caring, beautiful woman for the most part and then all of a sudden go bat shit crazy for no reason? Or for a reason that a man such as myself knows nothing about and you choose not to share this said reason with me? Crazy hot women are entertaining and make for fun stories when a guy is in his 20s but they sure as fuck don’t when he’s in his 30s or 40s! Ain’t no one got the time, tolerance or patience to deal with yo’ “nutso” factor. As a man I have learned to put my “asshole” factor out to pasture because that is a HUGE relationship and maturity block. So as women you sure as fuck need to kill that “nutso” factor, honey. Put it in check. Seek therapy. Kill it. Fucking kill it. Because it’s old and you ain’t the crazy young hottie in your 20s you once were. A 30 to 40-year-old single woman who still turns on her “nutso” factor is unattractive and will guarantee you die alone. And there ain’t no well-paying career, boxing class, yoga retreat, free Sephora makeup makeover, motherfucking Netflix show, cute ass cuddling kitty cat, reassuring giant club mirror with great lighting for ego stroking selfies, new age dating app, cute “talking” pet mom puppy Instagram page, giant vibrator or fucking bottle of wine out in this world that will ease that pain once you have officially gone over that “no guy wants you at this point” age cliff. Are you starting to get it? I hope you fucking do. For both our sakes.


Fellas, have you dealt with the “nutso” factor? Have you finally killed your own “asshole” factor?


Until next time. Always take it there.