T-pisode 375: Grown Man Shit – The Series

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T-pisode 375
A new dawn rises for T-blawg… See what I did there??? Yeah, you did.


In March of 2010 I unleashed my first Bro Code Chapter.  I gave the world 18 chapters of my Bro Code with the last one arriving in November of 2014. It was the evolution into Grown Man Shit. A concept that I introduced through T-blawg back in October of 2013. With the evolution, growth and direction in my real life, I obviously have taken T-blawg down that same road. So it made sense to me to offer my “Grown Man” perspective on all the rules, philosophies and adventures I captured in my “Bro Code” chapters. Dating, travel, fitness, sports, food, money, women, sex, style, fashion, alcohol… All that good-good shit that us men love so much, fellas. So, in 2018 I am going to start a new series here on T-blawg that does just that… A series tailored to fit the modern-day man! So yeah, basically a series that is a “Grown Man Shit” perspective on MY “Bro Code” chapters and then some!!! Written in vintage T-blawg style of the old school 3-paragraph format. Get ready. Get excited. Because it’s fucking on, baby! Coming soon… That’s what she said.


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