T-pisode 388: Dating Apps

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T-pisode 388
I wonder if this guy met Jenny on Bumble or on OkCupid?


Not too long ago I decided to give dating apps a whirl. I really did. Fuck pride. I’m 40 now yo. And quite the fucking catch. Buuutttt….no longer going out like I used too at 40 years old with all my friends married off with children and no longer acknowledging my existence and with me trying to keep to my promise of no more groupies off of T-blawg, along with swearing off the hook up culture with women much younger than me, I went to the apps. Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble to be exact. Right off the bat…Tinder is absolutely a hook up app and it did not serve my app intent to date NOT bang randoms, so I stopped Tinder. OkCupid is the place where divorced moms in their mid to late 30s go for sure. Do I have a problem with divorced single moms? No. I’ve dated plenty of divorced women and single mothers. I did have a problem being the first guy they ever met off a dating app or being the first guy they dated in general after their husband. Some of them were sweet, intelligent, kind women but coming out of a marriage and getting back into the dating game with a guy who has never gone more than a year and a half dating just one woman at a time in his life meant for a quick end. So goodbye NotSoOkCupid. Bumble? I like Bumble. I really do. I like the idea of women having their pick of guys by being the ones who have to initiate the conversation. It eliminates a lot of bullshit and desperation. Most of these women are closer to my dating demographic of being in their 30s, living in the city, are career orientated and having a good head on their shoulders. So far that is the dating app I have had the best luck with. I put the dating thing on hold mostly with everything that was going on with my mother, work and my own health but I have been ramping it back up again lately and I’m going to jump back into the dating app pool. So I’m pretty damn sure a sequel T-pisode will come from all of this. Stay tuned!


Are dating apps helpful for adults sick of the “normal” dating scene or are these things sent to Earth from Satan himself?



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