T-pisode 387: The Happiness Method

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T-pisode 387
At this point in my life if I stop arguing with you out of love that means our relationship isn’t what it used to be and even though it pains me, I WILL sunset our relationship. See what I did there? Yeah, you did.

This past year with making peace with my old man, turning 40 and going through my mother’s worst health scare to date, I CHOSE to change how I handle a lot of things and people in my life. I can no longer fight or argue with people. I can no longer hate people for the silliest reasons. I can no longer try to keep dying relationships with friends or family alive. When I stop fighting with you that means I stop fighting for you and that means it’s time to go our separate ways in life. And that’s a good thing really. Sometimes you just need to accept that you’re not the same…they’re not the same…and the relationship isn’t the same. After dwelling on it for so long looking for where you went right and they went wrong and still not having the answers or peace you were looking for, you have to put an end to it. Peace of mind is priceless. PRICELESS. If your mind and heart are not in balance, then you will not be a happy person. And I cannot fucking stress how important happiness is later on in life. It is more valuable than anything you could have. Over all the material shit. Over the hottest women you can hook up with. Even over the Patriots winning the goddamn Super Bowl! I’m only here on this planet now to be happy. And if I can’t find happiness with you then we stop. All of it just stops. You all should try this method too. The “T Happiness Method.” I highly recommend it.

They say you only argue with the people you love because you care about them and what they think about you…is this really true?

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