T-pisode 391: A New T Tradition

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T-pisode 391
I was so damn drunk when I took this pic that the security guy sitting under the hoop started to get up to chase me. I swear to Baby Jesus. It was strange but funny as shit!


I have said before on here that I’m a spontaneous very routine and traditional yet non-traditional kind of guy. Wait, what? That’s right. It’s been established that I’m me and I do things my way. Whether it is a crazy birthday celebration at some hot spot in Boston tradition that has since been retired at 40. Or my Marathon Monday drunken Red Sox and bar crawl to the finish line 20 year plus tradition. Or going off to Europe every year to conquer a new country on an enlightenment annual quest tradition. I like traditions but my way. This year I think I started a new tradition in my life. Every year both the Bruins and Celtics play in the Boston Garden the day after Thanksgiving. AKA Black Friday. This year I decided to get sweet tickets to both and take my bro-in-law. AKA the guy who took me to my first Bruins, Celtics and Patriots games when I was younger. So now even with both our busy lives with work and me living in the city and him in the suburbs with my sister and the kids, I try to treat him to a game or two whenever possible. And this was quite the treat! So much so that we did so much drinking at the 1:00 Bruins game and at the 3 hour break in between at the bars outside the Garden before the 7:00 Celtics game that the Celtics game was an absolute shit show. We got SO fucking drunk. That Celtics game was an absolute blur. But according to the pics in my phone the seats were fucking bad ass! We had way too much fun but it was like we didn’t even go to that second game! And you know what? We weren’t even mad. It was bro time at it’s best and to hang out with my bro-in-law, a guy who has been taking me to games for almost 30 years, I was just happy to start a brand new tradition together. Through all the drunkenness during our 10 hours, two games and over 30 drinks & shots combined on the day after Thanksgiving, we found OUR Black Friday calling for every year going forward. Oh…the Bruins and the Celtics both won that day. Because of us I’m sure. So, you’re welcome Boston.


What is your Black Friday tradition like? Are you shopping or doing some wild drunk shit like me???



Until next time. Always take it there.