T-pisode 392: T Does The UFC

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T-pisode 392
I was talking like that crazy fookin’ coont Conor McGregor when I took this fookin’ pic mate.


I love combat sports. I grew up on Tyson fights. We stole WWF Pay-Per-Views when I was a kid. And I remember watching the early UFC fights that were not allowed to take place in the United States for being too violent. They didn’t have weight divisions. Or gloves. They were a bunch of dudes beating the shit out of each other tournament style. Being from Eastie, I have had my fair share of fights. My early days living in the city had me training in Muay Thai, BJJ and later on dirty boxing. I had been to the UFC expo in Boston when Dana White was pushing to get the sport of MMA legalized in all 50 states. I had watched the UFC religiously when it was given weight divisions and title belts and watched it evolve from the Gracies and Ken Shamrock to Tito Ortiz to BJ Penn to GSP to Brock Lesnar to today’s world of the women’s division paved by Ronda Rousey and now the chaos under a larger than the sport itself athlete slash celebrity, Conor McGregor. Who I fookin’ love by the way. I don’t care if you hate him. But I had never been to a live UFC fight before. Or any combat sports fight for that matter. Until this past January that is. I got seats in my company suite and man my ass was in my seat for every single fight. From the social media undercard to the pre-show on network television to the main event card on Pay-Per-View. I watched every fight. EVERY fight! Local Boston boys put on one hell of a show for the crowd. I watched one title change hands and the heavyweight champion defend his. I got submissions. Knockouts. TKOs. Judges decisions. Blood. Oh the blood! It was everything I wanted it to be. A physical chess game in a cage under the Bruins and Celtics banners on the hallowed ground that is the Boston Garden. The only thing missing was Conor McGregor himself who I hope to see in the octagon live one day. But I couldn’t have asked for a better first live UFC fight experience! I respect the shit out of the sport and those men and women. And whenever Dana White decides to bring the UFC back to Boston again, I will fookin’ be there!


Are you a fookin’ UFC fan, ya coont?



Until next time. Always take it there.