Hospital wake up call

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I spent all of last night in the hospital. I got slammed with something unexpected and painful. I’ll share the story of what it was in a future T-pisode. What I want to share is what I was thinking as I waited in pain, then waited some more high on morphine and then even more for test results before I could go home. At first even through all the pain I could only think about is how much I hate hospitals. Since I was born sick and didn’t come home until I was 6 weeks old to all the health issues my mother has had that brought me back to the hospital so many times. And all of the people I have lost in my life growing up while in hospitals. I fucking hate them. I feel death in the air when I’m there. I won’t go unless I’m near death myself. After those thoughts subdued I texted, tweeted, Facebooked and Instagramed my hospital visit. It was amazing to see how many people…some I knew, some strangers…actually cared about me. It was eye opening. Which then brought me to thoughts about recent events in my life. I need to focus on the things and people that really matter. Don’t worry or focus on the things and people that don’t feel the same for you. That waste your time. Waste your energy. Waste your life. Live your life. Bust your ass. Don’t be mean. Apologize when you’re wrong. Laugh. Always smile. Make others smile. Have fun. Appreciate life. And you’ll get what you deserve. Karma is a bitch. Try to avoid her at all costs by doing right. I will now. I was scared straight. Again.






  1. I hope you feel better soon, T! Keep your head up and your positive attitude. This chick is rooting for good health for ya.


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